Sunday, April 20, 2014


When I first saw this, I thought, FINALLY, i'd have something to address my long brows very quickly and easily.
Click on the pictures below to enlarge and magnify what is written on the back of the packaging.
The directions are in English.
The item itself is a pair of scissors.  It's bent at the base of its levers at an angle.  one of the levers has a a groove onto which the comb attachment can slide as an attachment.  so yes, without the comb this device is just a plain old pair of scissors bent at the base of its levers at an angle.  Only one lever has the groove to slide the comb at.  So you can't reverse the way you hold it if you're gonna use this pair on your other brow.
for the terminology used, please refer to the diagram below:
there's a diagram on how to use this on one brow.  but i had to figure out for myself how to use this gizmo on my other brow once i was done following the below.
so here's how it's done on the diagram, and me trying to do it.
and here's me trying to do it on my left, my non-dominant side.  Ok, here's the thing, if you've ever cut hair, cloth or paper, you generally should be perpendicular to what you are cutting.  so imagine a piece of paper laying flat on the table, the pair of scissors is perpendicular to the paper.  Then you go and cut.  The instructions given on this brow scissors make you go parallel to your skin and hair and then they expect me to cut.  well to say the least, i failed.  was I supposed to handle this like a
The instructions given on this brow scissors make you go parallel to your skin and hair and then they expect me to cut.  well to say the least, i failed.  was I supposed to handle this like a pair of scissors to layer the hair [thinning shears]?
and see, what i eventually did to finally trim the edges of my brows.  I use a brush spoolie, i raise up my brows like you see below then trim the very top edges of my brows using the edge of my eye brows as a guide.

and this is what I mean when I mentioned top 'edge' of my brows.  I use this line as a guide  any hair that go over this line when i stand them up with the spoolie, I trim it off.  so ang ginagawa ko ay itinataas ko yung mga strands ng kilay ko ng nakatayo.  Tas pag may lalampas sa ibabaw ng mismong kilay ko, yun yung gugupitin ko.
This way my brows don't look overgrown.
it's not perfect, but it's my way.  And in my opinion, i prefer imperfect, at least i don't look too made up. hehehe
In my opinion and considering my way of using scissors to trim my browse, the only thing that made the Etude House Mini Brow Class pair of brow scissors is the fact that the levers are bent at that angle.  This angle is just right for me to stand it up  (with the bottom lever) on my skin so that the scissors are perpendicular to my brow hairs for me to cut well.  Sa madali't sabi, yung angle ng pagka curve/bent ng gunting eh just right para mai-lapat ko yung gunting sa balat ko para stable yung pag gupit ko.
I remove the comb that comes with the scissors.  i just can't make it work for me.  I do understand that some people have been successful in using this.  I'm glad for them.  Maybe someday I can understand how to make this pair of scissors work on my brows as how it is instructed. ;-)
I purchased this item with my own money.  This is available at any branch of Etude House Philippines for PhP278.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


How's your weekend so far?  mine's pretty restful and quiet!  I hope you peeps enjoyed the peace and tranquility during the many pacquiao fight.  talagang tahimik sa daan pag may fight sya hahaha.  glued ang karamihan sa tv / computer nila hahaha.
Well it was a perfect chance for me to get some good morning rest and got some blogging done!  
This week i've been using this beautiful baby!  If you could recall, I went to the Colour Collection Hot Hues Event that launched their latest lip colors for their ultimate wear collection line.  Anyone who stayed til the end of the event got to take home WHATEVER item that was in front of them.  So yeah, i got to bring this little baby home.  So I have no idea home much this is? I've no idea if this comes in a box, I have no idea how to approach a Tupperware lady to order this.  I just know this exists and should you be able to grab hold of a Tupperware lady, i'm hoping this blush will be their catalog.  So yeah, no ingredient list either, at least not from me.
This is such a pretty blush for someone with my complexion
it's very much like the blush i posted last year! I posted about the lavender blush from Too Cool For School [Blossom Lavender]  with that post I posted what these brands are trying to achieve from their high end counterparts such as Mac [in joyful of blush] and Chanel's [in ultra rose powder]
 The below are swatches of the blush on the back of my hand, so depending on the light, it can be more pink or more lilac.
i like how the light plays on it as it is a satin finish and yep, depending on the light, it can either give me a lilac iridescence to a pinky blush hue.
So it makes my skin looks natural and not like a clown with too much blush
and similar to my Blossom Lavender it has a mirror that is cleverly placed!
  • niftily placed mirror at the back or bottom
  • pigmented enough
  • not chalky at all
  • that means it spreads well and evenly
  • doesn't have a scent so it shouldn't bother people sensitive to scents on makeup
  • doesn't break me out or give me new millia or black/white heads
  • doesn't clog my pores
  • DOES NOT oxidize on my skin ... wow a non-Korean/Japanese brand that  doesn't oxidize on my skin! wonders never cease LOL
  • kinda absorbs the oil, kinda so its oil control is about 2-2.5/5 [1 = no oil control, 5 almost no need to blot out oil from your cheeks]
  • doesn't cake up through out the day
  • i love love love shades like these, they just do my complexion, well, ya know?
  • compact packaging, not bulky 
  • this is probably cheap, but i wouldn't know their website is not updated and their
  • nothing really, i'm sure this thing is cheap because Colour Collection products are not expensive
Final Thoughts:  
so here's the thing, unless the avon lady, the tupperware lady, the natasha, the whatever lady is actually in my office, this is something that will be hard for me to buy or repurchase.  
I DO NOT LIKE buying things at online stores, unless the owner of the online store is reachable to me by text like Kkocipida and Fangirl Asia. Or unless you're and you're the only place that i can get an item from at a reasonable place, then no i don't buy stuff online anymore.   
I work right next to a mall, a place where the jingle says, they've got it all for me.  So if I can find a dupe of this blush at the mall i work at then it's way more convenient for me to get it at sm na lang than order, then wait to get the product i want.  
Sure, i get the business model to help the direct selling people get their 'commissions' but if i can get it somewhere else at a faster, more convenient way and with a credit card, then yes, i go for the mall provided product instead.
Finally, i don't get why their website doesn't even have this blush there yet. The items that aren't on their website yet include the new lip shades on their ultimate wear collection that was featured on their launch recently. 
check out my screen shot with time and date stamp, oh well, papel.  i'm hopeful this blush and the ultimate wear collection is on their catalogs na.

I leave the decision to you.  Like i said you don't have to be like me.  If you don't work near a mall, if you know a Tupperware lady then by all means purchase this product, it's so pretty and it will make you look pretty, too!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's been a while since I wrote about mascaras huh?  Well, I finally broke out my Tony Moly Simply Style Slim Mascara Curling.  This is PhP198 at any Tony Moly stores and online.
The brush applicator is your classic mascara applicator
The difference is, this one is quite thin and finer (mas pino) compared to other brush applicators like these
yes, the lashes from a very old mascara review, well, you guessed it, my lashes
My lashes are basically the same this year, below are pictures of my lashes curled but still really sparse and thin and really short!
and below are shots of my lashes after a few coats of this mascara.
pede, pede! hehehe
The Low Down:
  •  super handy because of it's thin short tube
  • really thin and fine brush applicator  I think it can coat all of my really thin and sparse 
  • no weird scent
  • not too sticky
  • really light on my lashes
  • lengthens my lashes well enough without making me look like i have spider legs for lashes 
  • not clumpy
  • doesn't flake off
  • doesn't smear off
  • it's easy to remove at the end of the day
  • doesn't irritate my eyes
  • didn't give me a stye or any infection after using this product for more than a week 
  • really quite cheap, i mean c'mon, less than php200!
  •  it says it's a curling mascara, but it really isn't.  you know you've applied a curling mascara when you actually feel your lashes curl up.  this is the chemical reaction of the formula in the mascara on your lashes.  it kinda feels stretchy on the roots of your lashes.  so no i don't get that with this mascara.
  •  doesn't keep the curl.  ah well, it's only 200 bucks, cheaper than most mascaras considering it's imported
Finally thoughts.  I recommend this to our teens.  Frankly, for all of my likes, the two dislikes i have is something i can live with.  And something  our teens and college girls can live with, too.  I like how it makes me look like I actually have lashes.  So this, bb cream, blush and this on my lashes, and of course some lip gloss and i'm all set and not look like a zombie!  I recommend this to our young ladies looking to just have some enhancement to their lahses ;-)

DISCLAIMER:  This was a Christmas gift given by Tony Moly Philippines.  I am not paid in cash for these reviews.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


DISCLAIMER:  I bought this with my own money.  We have an Avon girl at the office where we can purchase Avon products from.  This 18 gram tube is PhP329 pesos at the time I purchased it which was a couple of weeks ago.
I've been using this for over a week now and I guess it's time for me to give my verdict o this 'cc cream'
The ingredients are below.
It's packaged like a bb cream in a hygienic upside down tube. And the product looks like this
it has a tad iridescent satin finish.
Below is a picture of the product applied on half of my face and with the flash off on my cam.
and below is a picture of myself still with just half of my face with cc cream this time with the flash on
the finished look.
my readers know that i've been reviewing cc creams since they became such a fad in the country. But i mostly review Korean CC creams as the product did originate from Korea.  Check out my collage below:
Most of the cc creams i have tried come out white or off white from their containers.  Once blended it just give me a veiled look.  Then I can finish it with a little foundation or a finishing powder with some coverage.
This CC cream from Avon looks more like one of the cc creams from the face shop.  None the less, The face shop also has a cc cream that has the beads of pigment and is truer to what most cc creams are.
Having compared Avon's Skin Goodness CC cream with the rest of what i've tried, well, here's my list of likes and dislikes.
  • the baby powder scent 
  • the fact that it's midway between being watery dimethicone-y so it's easy enough to blend without it feeling heavy on the skin so it's great now that it's summer
  • spf 50 pa +++ 
  • but not as reflective as other bb or cc creams
  • it has a satin finish that's closer to a matte finish, so it's a matte but not flat finish
  • has coverage, about light to medium coverage
  • it covers my pores well
  • it doesn't break me out, so it doesn't cause me zits or give me millia
  • it's good for all skin types i have normal to oily while my office mate has normal to dry and she likes it, too
  • has some oil control about 2.5/5 [1 being almost no oil control while 5 is almost no blotting of you t-zone the entire day]
  • has two shades and this one suits me just fine, i have it in AB03 light
  • packaging is hygienic enough and is handy so i can bring it around in my bag and it isn't bulky to bring
  • doesn't really cake up throughout the day
  • it's pretty lasting, too
  • it isn't difficult to remove at the end of the day
  • call a spade a spade, if it's on the watery side, has good coverage and lasts all day, then it's a foundation with a good glow no more no less.
  • PHP329 at 18g i think it's a tad too pricey for something like this considering its competition can be purchased at the nearest mall for product in its contents [though i do get why Avon products are expensive that way, it's to promote the business of the Avon-person and the it's business plan / model. 
THOUGHTS:  I actually like this foundation, it claims to have spf50 with pa+++ so we'll go with that, but it's not as reflective as something with that kind of sun protection. i actually like the finish.  it's very natural and it keeps me from looking like a zombie.  
RECOMMENDATIONS:  I actually recommend this to our young girls.  It's not that expensive, it has a high sun protection, and it looks very natural and doesn't look fake or cakey.  Isn't that what most pinays keep on pushing for? a look that their guys will like? yung mukhang walang makeup gaya ng mga nanay nila? phffftt

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I'd just like to say that i'm quite lazy in removing makeup. In fact I quite dislike really colorful harsh looking makeup.  not that i dislike the whole looking different and all that, what I really dislike about really bold colorful makeup is the clean up at the end of the day.  This is why i keep buying these makeup remover wipes LOL. This PhP378 which i purchased with my own money.
It's in a sachet but it has a plastic firm mold to hold in 40 leaves of the cleansing wipes.  that way something firm holds up the leaves you have left inside and you don't squeeze out the juice of the cleanser in case you put these under a book or something heavy or a bag.
the ingredients are in English.  even the instructions on how to use are in English, too!  So you get instructions on how to remove your eyes! hahaha
It's smaller than your usual makeup remover wipe but it is after all, only for the eyes.
here's a little before
and upon removal
and after
  • the scent, you guys know i'm a sucker for a good mild kinda fruity scent
  • not too oily
  • doesn't leave a greasy feel or film on my eye
  • doesn't sting my eye
  • cleans well enough
  • doesn't irritate my skin
  • the size is actually enough for my entire face hahaha
  • which means it's good for removing long wearing makeup like the revlon colorstay foundation or the bb cushions 
  • isn't too wet or drenched so it doesn't drip while you're using this product which is such a plus for me
  • the quality of the paper is really really good, too!  it's pretty thick yet quite soft.  so the fact that it's thick 
  • it says it has argan oil so that's a bonus ;-)
  • none, as in really, none.
I mean it does the job, it cleans my makeup off of my face which buys me time to do whatever i want like blogging.  Cleaning my face doesn't keep me up all night just to do and it doesn't break me out.  

So how lazy are you?  Are these cleansing wipes helpful to you as they are to me?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There are days when I get an invitation when everything is just right.  Joining the fine ladies and gents behind the Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Chloe, and Marc Jacobs Fragrances and the people behind Philosophy was one of those days.
I got reintroduced to the iconic fragrance brands.  Calvin Klein's Eternity and CK One.  Both brands are celebrating their milestones! This year Eternity will be celebrating their 25th year!  A limited edition silver Eternity will be released this April or May.  While CK One will also be celebrating its 20 years of being our one perfume that we can share!
I was unfamiliar with fragrances, to be honest.  Not that i wear johnson's baby cologne, the blue one because  I don't even wear that!  I only purchased my current cologne because it was a requirement to get a fan meet pass ^_^ Even my deodorant is the unscented one.  But thanks to this event, I was introduced to the Marc Jacob fragrances.
Aren't the bottles pretty?
This is the honey!  yes, those petals represent bees ;-)
and the night time daisy, the hot pink.
During this event, we were also introduced to the new line of Philosophy skin care, the Brighten My Day skin lotion.  This acts like a skin finisher which is very much like a toner. So you use a cotton ball or a cotton square to apply and it on your skin and to wipe it off.
To give your skin its extra ummphh through out the day, we now have the brighten your day serum.
At night though we can rest with our hopes in a jar!
These night creams are simply glorious on the face specially if your skin is kept in airconditioned offices and rooms.
 And now we can try to slow time down with Vitamin C!
Great coffee, great loot!  I really like Marc Jacobs' scents.  They are very mild and the type that I like.  Even the evening Marc Jacobs' hot pink which is supposed to be strong is quite mild and not overpowering at all.  So I won't get a head ache with his perfumes!
And great intimate company!  Yes, it was one of those days when everything was just right.  The venue was walking distance from the office.  I took my lunch break to get away from the stress of our daily grind.  I got to smell wonderful fragrances and opened my eyes to hope in a jar.  To top it off i got to chat it up with some of my blogger mates.
Thank you for giving me one of those days that brightened me up mystically.
The above products will be in stores this April and May as part of the 25th and 20th year celebration of Calvin Klein's Eternity and CK One.  While Chloe's new perfumes will be in stores by May and June.  
Philosophy's Brighten My Day and Time Stopping Vitamin C should already be in stores! So check it out! it's going to be a bright summer!

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