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i would just like to give my two cents worth on these brushes and as to why i can only give 4 stars and not the full 5.

by the way, ellana cosmetics has a kiosk in front of the supermarket at SM makati, that bazaar in the middle and her kiosk will be open or will be there every weekend this summer. if you live in q.c like me just shop on her online store at and so long as the products still fit, she'll use the small xend pouch that's 50 bucks next day delivery depending on the cut off.

that said, i ordered my brushes on palm sunday, paid for it via gcash monday, she sent them out on holy tues, I GOT THEM MAUNDY THURSDAY. so thanks to xend's skeletal crew, i still got my orders!

Unfortunately, my good experience with animal hair brushes are only with elf's eye shadow "c" brush and theBalm's baby kabuki i've gone to favor all synthetic preferably vegan brushes. my everyday minerals flat top brush and my the body shop big kabuki are synthetic and are working wonderfully and are uber soft.
so how happy am i that i found a local makeup artist with inexpensive synthetic brushes? VERY!

1.) the eyeliner brush. the amount of bristles is such that it applies my bobbi brown long wear gel liner very easily, and THINLY, not messily, and without me having to learn calligraphy. i LOVE this brush.

2.) the contour brush. because i'm such a hybrid i don't exactly have a monolid like your classic chinese or japanese chick but i don't have those loren legarda eye lids either, the brush that puts on the darker shade on the outer part of my eye needs to be small but not too small. so this contour brush is just right for that little v area at the outer corner of my eye or to make that shadow crease happen but not too forced looking. it hasn't shed on me, it picks up the right amount of pigment and deposits the pigment on to my eyelids just fine, not all in one dab but spreadable. i LOVE this brush

3.)the crease brush. ok i bought this at the kiosk, so not online. i bought it a week before i bought nos 1 and 2. it's partially my fault as to why i didn't get the full appreciation of what should be a great brush. THIS THING SHEDS. IT SHEDS WHEN doing the wiper sweeping motion on your eyes, IT SHEDS when getting the pigment on to the brush. Ellana does have a return policy on her stuff so long as you do it within 15 days of purchase. well because of the holy week, i went passed that 15 days, so hopefully this has shed enough. because this brush with the pointed end, firm bristles can be used as a "pencil" brush wherein you can use your regular eyeshadow and apply it under your eyeliner on your lower lash line ala smokey eye effect.

another reason for not giving this review the full 5 stars is the handle. they're too long for my taste. i prefer them shorter for travel ease. the ferrule (that aluminum chrome looking thing that connects the handle to the bristles) is a little loose on one of them and you guessed it on the last brush, amffpht. my fault, i didn't inspect it well enough when i bought it, at the kiosk at SM at that, i was too overwhelmed that someone in the Philippines SELLS A CREASE BRUSH for less than US$4!

again if you're in makati during the weekend drop by their kiosk in front of the fruit stand at the entrance of the supermarket of SM makati, there's no substitute to actually seeing, feeling, and testing the product you're buying, look for ellana minerals, good luck.


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