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i got two sample sachets of this bb cream. i've never tried bb creams before but i have heard of the rage. i gave one to my sister in law and kept one. i finally opened it since i've been breaking out lately because of summer, and only recently has my skin given me a reprieve (cuz it aint so hot since it's rainy in Manila lately).

the sachet is giving me about 3 to 4 uses, since i do the updated foundation (liquid) application of just putting where i need it. the color is like this light mauve opaque old rose pink. it smells rubbery alcohol-ey. it doesn't smell like paint thinner the way my revlon colorstay does but this bb cream smells like a chemical none the less.

it spreads smoothly and the smell eventually goes away, in about 5 to 10 minutes i stop smelling the chemical scent. it also spreads evenly and the color changes according to my skin tone. when i first applied it, i think i put too much, and it turned out soooo pink. i have a strong yellow undertone and the pink made me look like i had a cold. the next day i applied just a thin layer, and just added some more on my zit. and it set it with my mineral veil. it doesn't feel heavy or cakey and i just used my ring finger to apply this like i would a moisturizer.

throughout the day (or in my case, night) i eventually get the oily t-zone but not as bad as my usual. it wears out about after 6 hours which is pretty ok i guess for an all in one. bb creams are marketed as a foundation, blemish cure, and sun screen. this one has SPF20 PA++. i'll update this entry once i find out how much one tube is and the net wt.

by the end of my shift (after about 9 hours after initial application) this "foundation" is almost gone (from my face). but i was pretty pleased that i didn't end up looking like a grease ball like i do with other foundations not formulated for oily skin. it also didn't settle in my pores which is a bonus.

i also noticed that my zit didn't grow to its full ripeness, i no longer feel the bump within it, so this might have been responsible for that. so for girls that wanna avoid too many application procedures of putting on your face i.e. moisturizer followed by a primer then your foundation then finishing powder, a bb cream eliminates several steps. i can use use it as my primer since it covers pores well and powder can stick to it without looking too cakey. so it can be a moisturizer, primer, light foundation and sun screen with the benefits of a zit controller in one. so if you're a frequent TFS shopper like me, maybe you can charm the sales ladies to give you a sample sachet with one of your purchases, it's great for travel, no need to bring too many items like a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sun screen.

update: this retails for PhP1,195 but it's a little more than an ounce and has a pump compared to my revlon colorstay in a glass bottle with no pump that is only 1 oz with only spf 6 or 15 depending on the formulation. l'oreal's true match and pearl liquid foundation with pump is almost PhP1k. so ye, it's a little more pricey but actually you just pay extra for the pump, the sun screen and the "healing" factor in a bb cream.

they have a less expensive bb cream called the quick and clean oil free blemish balm that retails for Php585, no sun screen or sun protection factor . i got a sample of that one when i bought this blemish balm

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haler look at reason #1. hehehe theskinfood in mega mall have their own bb creams but since i don't go to megamall or trinoma much i wouldn't know the price.


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