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i got a couple of eyescream eye shadows from someone who's turning out to be a really kewl, non judgmental acquaintance turn friend girl from the office. as some of you may have read on my posts i am very picky when it comes to people even though i can be pretty much be like the person running for mayor when i'm on the floor, nuff said. (sorry i've been in stressed wanna go back to my cave/roots mood for a bout a month now)...on to the review, (focus marge)

so this awesome chick gave me these two uber cute eye shadows since i've been complementing her on her eyes and how funky yet wearable her eye shadows are. so g-lish had a half off price sale last month and she gave me a couple of these eyescream. the name is cute, too!

she got me the number 8 and 21. the number 8 is on the very light shimmer lavender, and the 21 is a light shimmer aqua, sea weed type of green.
the packaging is cute, it's in a square little pot that swivels out. so my butterfingers need to get its act together. it's tiny so it's portable, just don't forget about them in your bag

so they're shimmers in cream form. they are actually great when applied correctly and not too much. the color kinda disappears if you put too much and just the white shimmer is the only thing that you see. also with cream anything, you either only use your fingers on a synthetic nylon or taklon brush. the natural hair like goat hair brushes didn't do well in putting this on my lid and just went in the brush instead of my lid (natural hair being "porous" and better for powder stuff).

i think it also needs to warm up on your finger before applying because it's really stiff at first so you or i need to swirl my pinky finger in the pot then it would get creamy and easy to apply.

my eyes are bigger than most, i also have some lid, so not completely a monolid, my fab friend that gave me these still have a lot of that spanish blood we have spread around this country so her eyes are more like say loren legarda so her lower lid shows up more and is great for this effect. so having said that, one needs to be careful in applying this or it will crease since it's cream and all. you can put a lid primer or dust it of with a translucent setting powder.

what i can say is, right now it's summer (though you can't tell it is this week because of the rains we're having that kinda not fit the description of april showers as the rains are pretty strong), i have to lay off the shimmer and go for more matte shades because i don't wanna be shiny, well ever.

these eyescream shades are great for going out at night and clubbing though. either on your lid or as a brow highlighter, again less is more. it's long wearing, too. I have oily eye lids, apart from it creasing a bit, it stayed on like my mineral eye shadows lasts, more than 10 hours! also, because it is cream, you can smudge it again with your pinky finger and it will look fresh again, a trick my friend who gave this advised me to do.

G-lish is a local company (local to the Philippines) and their prices are even more affordable than ever bilena or careline. They also reply to emails right away. They also gave me the ingredients of this shadow: Gelato Eyes Cream Ingredients:
Talc, Mica, Magnesium, Vaseline, Bees Wax, Paraffin Oil, Liposorb Sqo, Fragrance, Mothyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Pigment (Iron Oxide Brown, Iron Oxide Yellow, Iron Oxide Black, FD&C Blue No. 1 Al Lake) Pearlescent Pigments, Sio2.

On top of that they sent me a scanned copy of their yearly heavy metals test report, they didn't have to since i only asked for the ingredients, but they did just the same, to cover their behinds i suppose. so no lead, no arsenic, no mercury, and no cadmium in their products.

I highly recommend anyone going around megamall and I think trinoma to check out their kiosks for really inexpensive makeup. So this makeup company is what i've been reading online as recession proof. Visit and see their prices or go to mega mall, they're next to an escalator, sorry i forget which mega bldg or floor since i hardly go there for fear of being bruised.


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