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i would like to start off by saying that there are lash curlers in the grocery, hortoleza, watsons, and what not that are less than PhP100, some of them are those plastic ones that do NOT have the handle of tweezers but just one rounded stem, don't even bother with those. i'll post a picture of that tomorrow. there are also the real expensive ones like from revlon, sally hansen, and from the body shop and the only addition they have to the basic design is the handle and how comfy your index and thumb will be when using their lash curlers, and good grief they cost more than PhP500! for lash curlers? haler!

since i've been so engrossed with elf ( lately and how such an alternative it is to careline and ever bilena in its price range, i actually got myself one of their funky lash curlers. elf Philippines only has 3 prices for all of their products, either its PhP89, PhP129, or PhP399. if you have family in the states, i highly recommend to have them to get you elf stuff there instead, most of the elf items are only a dollar, so it's less than PhP50. If you factor in shipping and handling at around another US$3 then we can understand why some of these items EACH are PhP89, but PhP129? For 1 brush at PhP129 (all their brushes are prices that way) it's tolerable, it's like paying shipping and handling with insurance. That price is only good for purchasing just ONE brush, BUT BUYING MORE THAN ONE brush then you are paying for shipping, handling with insurance for EACH item. compared to buying in the states wherein elf will put it in one package and therefore you pay for one handling and shipping for as many as 10 items depending on how big your items are. (again for those of you fortunate enough to have relatives in the states and canada that send BBB to Manila anyway).

Here's how it looks on the left is the ELF one and on the right with the pink handle from THE FACE SHOP.

lash curlers

The elf tweezers handle has a spring, err, i dunno for potential energy? I broke the holder (that plastic thing that keeps the spring folded well) so traveling with this with it sprawled like that is cumbersome.

I'm wondering if you can see the difference between the concavity of each one. The concavity of the elf one is deeper in. So unless you have bulging eyes that are bugging out the curler will NOT get all of your lashes in one fitting or try. It also keeps on pinching some flesh at the inner corner of my lids and if you're in a hurry, IT HURTS.

The one from THE FACE SHOP costs PhP105. It's your basic design and it has a pink rubberized layer covering the handles to keep your fingers from slipping while you daydream as you curl your lashes. I love that it's pink. I love that it's cheaper than even ELF. it doesn't have that funky spring, it's your standard design so you have to press in when you curl your lashes. (well you have to press the elf one as well but they both don't need herculean strength to do the job). the curling area of the lash curler from THE FACE SHOP is not as concave, so it's just slightly curved but not flat just right for my eyes IMHO. this one catches most of my lashes and does not pinch my eye lid at the inner corner of my eye the way the one from elf does, that alone makes this a better buy. here's another photo for comparison


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