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i found something cheaper than the face shop, yes ladies, don't be afraid to step in the face shop, the prices are competitive or even less expensive than maybelline, and hala ka, fanny serrano!

i've been hearing so much about coastal scents on youtube and on makeupalley so i wanted to try something out, anything of theirs, so i started with something very little and minor. at the time i ordered this, i had not ordered my ellanaminerals eyeliner brush yet.

i would also like to point out that coastal scents ships internationally which includes the Philippines. the brush is US$2.19 and the shipping cost was $3.oo oh ha, san ka pa. so the brush costs about a hundred with the shipping add around 150 so about a total of P254, a price still competitive with the brushes found in our country. the only issue i had is that you can't track the shipment of your items if it was sent to a country like ours. so

i made the order on april 4 and the package arrived april 22 and we got a postal notice to pick it up, oops ok fine add PhP35 for Philippine postal charges, it's still less than 300 for a brush that came from the states, in good condition and that is performing well. in the package was a FREEBIE mineral blush in a zip lock baggie. it's half a teaspoon of touch of mauve mineral blush worth $2.50. so for anyone that is used to buying mineral makeup this is quite a treat and unexpected. it makes me wanna give this experience the full 5 star rating.

it's a taklon synthetic brush that i purchased for my bobbi brown long wear gel liner because the one i had from the face shop was creating too thick a line and was harder to control. because the brush is bent it's a little more ergonomic and the line is thin, similar to the line my ellanminerals eyeliner brush makes. only the coastal scents bent liner has a thinner handle and shorter, better for traveling.

overall i love this brush, i love that something i had no prior experience with gained my trust. some of their brushes have such a bad rap on makeupalley and even on their own website so the fact that they allow even the bad reviews to get posted on their website should guide the buyer which stuff to buy. the only reason why i don't give the full 5 star rating is not even their fault anymore. that reason is the fact that i can't track my shipment but that's it. ordering is easy, they accept credit cards and paypal, they ship even here, their customer support reply right away to email inquiries, and the item arrived within 2 weeks.

i hope this gives you an alternate way to shop, they sell conventional / traditional makeup and mineral makeup and different skin care stuff, make your own kits, they regularly have sales or promotional codes to get their stuff at even less expensive rate, but read the reviews on the site and on, or google coastal scents then product name then the word review first that way you know what you're getting in to.

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azaranar said...

Hi! I've read your blog regarding the shipping cost for Coastal Scents. You only paid $3.00 for the shipping cost? I wanted to buy their 88 Original Palette, but the shipping cost is way expensive. Please please let me know how you got the shipping for only $3.00 :(

Marge said...

yep, the shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the item you're going to have shipped to your address. i only bought the bent liner brush so it's really light and can fit in the smallest parcel/package so at the time it only cost me us$3.oo

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