Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bb cream envy

as one of bubbi's subscribers and being quite familiar with korean products, i ventured out and bought the face shop's skin extra's bb cream and their quick and clean bb creams. the skin extra takes quite a bit of practice to apply and found that i have a better application when i use a foundation brush (foundation brush from, you guessed it, from the face shop [review on that soon]).

but because i don't like the smell of my current (TFS skin extra) bb cream, i'm ventured out and bought the skinfood's ginko bb cream and will soon get my hands on the missha bubbi is talking about on her video.

i hope this video is informative. i actually like the effect of bb creams on my face. not as great coverage as my revlon colorstay, that can never be matched, haler! but now that i have my skin back, meaning no more zits, i can use bb creams when i go out now, meaning use it as a foundation, sun screen, moisturizer, anti aging cream all in one!

(had a an almost 3 month battle of zit after zit on the same area, which is the right laugh line of my cheek, but that's over, thank gawd, i mean thank the house of obagi at the trinoma branch! sorry had to squeez that in as to why i'm going gaga over bb creams, i was being challenged that time because of an event i was attending, and now the event came and went, viola my zit free skin is back, tsk tsk tsk should i be fatalistic or what!!!???)


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