Monday, May 25, 2009

korean beauty products spree/haul

mom and i met up yesterday for a belated birthday lunch for her. after which i reintroduced her to the skinfood shop as she's already familiar and is quite pleased with the face shop.

on the right is the ginko bb cream and on the left is a light foundation, guess what? it's priced the same as revlon's colorstay liquid foundation with softplex. so i guess it's ok that importation taxes and overhead costs are evened out and made competitive. the bb cream though is priced as a missha bb cream of the same size (wala lang pump). i'll do swatches and reviews on these when my head gets screwed on straight (when my boyfriend gets back from his trip).skinfood duo foundation skinfood lipgloss slippersock the face shop creamy

a quick run down on the products, mom got herself a duo foundation from the skin food in the darker shade as they only have two. it has spf 25, super silky to apply, the powder is uber fine on my finger and wrist when i swatched it. my mom's always on the go so applying liquid foundation is cumbersome for her, so here we are with a duo foundation with spf. she also got herself a wonderful lipgloss. a nice peach apricot color. and wow that thing is uber pigmented. it's like a liquid lipstick. i just love the consistency, it's creamy but not tacky like your lips is stuck to fly paper! hopefully it helps her chapping lips. i also got some stuff this week worth mentioning, the face shop came out with their own concealer kit the way makeup forever does with their concealer camouflage pallet (medyo may na lost lang sa translation sa names). i also got a tfs lip balm since i ran out. and an elf cheek cream stick highlighter thing. the last two items are so nice to smell, sobrang fruity

hopefully i get to review them soon, can't wait to try out the bb creams! my skin extra's bb cream from tfs is something i'm trying to get used to especially the smell and applying it so as it won't look pink on me. the sock? i don't think that's korean, but hey, they all, ooops never mind, peace po i'll use that for work when i wanna rest my feet from wearing pumps.


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