Sunday, May 3, 2009


as many of you may have noticed, since the year started, i think, i've gone on and on about mineral makeup, makeup, makeup application, and video tutorials about them. so much so that my usual thing to do which is watch the most recent download of my favorite tv series have gone so far back in my harddrive!. which is actually, now that i think about it, is good thing because most of the shows like csi, and the others will have their finales this week, then i can at least watch what i've stored over the months and won't get withdrawals til they come back in the fall .

i've had a couple of feedbacks on some of my reviews and though one doesn't show up anymore, one of my former batchmates called me a makeup guru. I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO HER, THANK YOU SO MUCH, IT WAS SUCH A GREAT THING TO WAKE UP TO THAT, and i hope the video tutorial i posted helps you out immensely as it does me.

but most of the stuff i review are from my own stash and what i say are from my personal experience with these products. gawd, i have such a wonderful educational experience on that's why my reviews are quite long and detailed because of the awesome awesome feedback i get from the women that reply to me on epinions.

but on top of that, i always get my information from

2.) i've also subscribed to the free newsletter from paula begun, there's a paid version, but once i get the gist of what she wants to say, i quickly go over to makeupalley for more reviews.
3.) and finally youtube.

below are the some of the people i've subscribed to. they do such great tutorials and reviews on products that are quite difficult to transcend if you're just reading something about something. to see swatches, and maybe even texture when something is runny or weepey is indeed helpful in making a decision before buying something.

what i did is put down their names and if you click on the names it will lead you to their youtube channels. hope you'll subscribe to them as well, they are informative and they reply to your questions especially lisaz09.

she has got a hundred thousand subscribers, i post her videos on my multiply as well. i like the music she uses and i like the fact that we have the same skin tone, yes i've recorded myself and we have the same washed out skin with the yellow pale tone. since she's younger and prettier, i'll leave the videos to her, hehehe, manonood na lang ako.

so sorry until now i don't know the name of this fabulous girl! as with michelle, i subscribed to xteeener because their the fairer type of asian like me so the makeup looks that they will do usually compliments them that way when i go off and buy the shades they recommend it may actually look good on me.

3.) si manay enkore
sya'y isang mahusay at fabulosang makeup artist sa america. may mga filipinism (sorry call center language training term) akong naririnig mula sa mga kanyang sinasabi. whew it's hard to type fast in Filipino, hehehe. i could be wrong, sorry koren, but i really think you're pinay like me. hindi ko magoogle

i like her because she's very detailed and i just like listening to her, she's an anchor for a morning show, so if i wanna brush up on my own accent, (since it really helps to just listen) i sometimes just have her videos running while i'm on a different tab or page.

la lang i love his voice and sorta kinda guapo sya. and what strikes me about his comments is that he really makes it a point to debunk a lot of myths and commonly known ideas about the industry and even industry leaders like bobbi brown

6.) and most recently bubi
she's in the UK so she can give a different perspective in availabilty of different types of products. since i'm also going through really liking the gyaru and ulzzang makeup looks now (so the Japanese and Korean makeup looks with the big eyes and soft lips) i often visit her site for new looks. because of this phase bubi's tutorials are quite suited to my tastes.

some of the others, i've mentioned lisa she replies to my inquiries and she's just as honest, open, and as expressive as miss erika. now miss erika cracks me up and her wit is sharp and her opinions are direct to the point. i also listen to her in the background when i need to brush up on my accent. if you go to my channel

there's just about 5 videos about my cats and some other stuff but near the top click on subscriptions and you'll see a lot more makeup guru's there that i've grown quite accustomed to viewing and who are detailed and helpful

it's a random order, i put up there. i love them all, they help me so much and they keep me sane or at least keep my mind off the drudgery of work hope these help and enjoy the weekend!


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