Sunday, May 24, 2009


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i've been wanting to review this toothpaste since i first tasted it. i bought it cuz it's new and my favorite closeup variety the blue mint with scrub/beads thing was not available at the sucky department store that is robinson's galleria in ortigas. you may ask uh may watson's po at may grocery! er, i think i had to get an elf or a max factor kaya sinabay ko na. it was also the only close up variety on sale at the time. i think i now know the reason why this thing was on sale!
closeup spa

ok, it's like any toothpast really, it even has those beads thing. at the center, is a gel thing. it's your usual toothpaste with fluoride and mint and lathers up pretty nicely and it cleans like any other closeup toothpaste, BUT.

as some of you may know my live-in/life partner is a saint. he's the most patient person and has the lightest hand in opinion and expression of said opinions. i usually get home when he's just woken up and is getting ready for the day (whereas i had just come home from the night shift). so as soon as i got in, he immediately said, THE TOOTHPASTE TASTES BAD. and he's like..."what spa?!" and i start to laugh, cuz see, this guy is one of the nicest men on the planet and for him to give such a rant, is almost funny. so my turn to sleep and turn in, i use it, and JEEEZUS frakin, yikes.

this thing taste like the blue strepsils, with dimetapp/disudrin, and a hint of orange flavored children's tempra. at least, and good grief, it doesn't smell like the combination of said medicines.

in my 34 years, my family and i have always been a closeup consumer never colgate but this new variety of theirs is not for me or apparently not even for my usually pwede na toothpaste lang naman boipren.

the two stars are merely because i'd still buy a closeup toothpaste just not this one and the fact that this particular variety still does the job of cleaning and breath reviving.


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