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i actually wrote a review on this on but i realize that to read that you'd need an epinions log in or account to read my review from there. so i'll just write what i wrote, at least the heart of it.

what i mentioned was, i really had high hopes for this product. one because it comes from my favorite brand, and i have almost all of the products in their sea weed line to control the oil. i was gonna get some more of their tea tree line but because of this one i ended up shying away from TBS altogether, at least for now and went back on to my Korean fix and went back to The Face Shop. Most of their products are priced less or competitively to the prices of the body shop. Thing is I don't read Korean so I usually just have a leap of faith when it comes to its "ingredient" list and i don't know if their products do animal testing

now back to the cover stick, if anyone of you are familiar with foundation sticks or pan sticks from Max factor, then THIS TEA TREA CONCEALER cover stick IS NOT LIKE THAT, the foundation sticks are creamier yet viscous so i find them easier to apply. THIS TEA TREA concealer cover stick is pretty stiff. it kinda reminds me of that video from smashbox camera ready full coverage concealer where that makeup artist was putting it on her wrist to warm it up. it's that kind of consistency, so, well at least, i can't apply it directly from the stick on to my blemish. so i have a brush, a painting nylon brush from national bookstore (Pinay beauty geek here), a corona brand, a number 1 or 2, the really thin one. that brush works perfectly to center on my pimple scars so that i don't need to dab my finger on the scar to even the concealer out.

also, as you might have heard, it isn't just the junk that you put on your face that breaks you out. there's stress, there's hormones, there's diet. and if you have a zit, it usually has a friend either next to it, behind it, or around it, just waiting to come up. there are occassions that THAT zit friend that hasn't come up will decide not go through and get ripe. i use the tea trea blemish stick (the tea trea oil product they have that has a felt tip applicator and it's used for wound's, zits, etc, the zen kiosks in megamall and sm city, rob(?) has those tea trea oils in bottles that are way cheaper than body shop one. i only tirade over this because another reason why i bought this is for the tea tree in it. i wanted an all in one so the tea trea with concealer in one. nope, the friend zit still shows up in full force, too! so the tea tree if any didn't help prevent or dry up the zit or the friend zit that follows.

back to the tea tree concealer stick. it cakes up. it also melts on your face and cake up in the middle of your scar. so it separates a bit. you need to set this with some setting powder. the only reason why i give it two stars is because the number 2 shade is sorta close to my shade, and it covers quite adequately while the concealer is still on my skin.

it also disappears. like any foundation except for my TOTALLY AWESOME revlon colorstay with softflex SPF 6 for oil combination skin. THAT FOUNDATION STAYS ON for more than 12 hours even on my really oily skin . but with any makeup they tend to disappear on oily skin because the oil from my own skin dissipates, absorbs, or move the makeup around on your face. so that happens when i put this concealer on. it cakes up then eventually disappears.

so if you're not sensitive with ingredients or animal testing, don't care and are ok with conventional makeup like revlon, maybelline, ever bilena, etc, then you may have better luck with them. skip this one

i don't recommend this because it's hard to put on from the start, unless it's really really warm in your room. it disappears after about an hour or two.

i'm still loyal to the body shop and will get their tea trea mask because of the kaolin clay and tea trea in it.


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