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makeup lasting on my face used to be impossible, until i finally succumbed to buying the revlon colorstay for oil combination with softplex and spf 6, which apparently i don't even need to set! and it lasts and lasts more than 13 hours! i've got oily lids, an oily face, and lashes that grow straight and down. so if i was gonna get me them cat eyes from and be like the women in the star trek movie, i better have em good lashes!

curling my lashes is ok, but upon applying mascara, i immediately see that the lashes that i had just curled straighten with the cooling effect of the liquid of the mascara, so you know, grrrr.

there are few people i've come to respect on youtube and lisaz09 is one of them, and she actually replies to people who ask her for real questions even comments(v) on comments(n) she knows that come from for real kinda people. it was her video that introduced me to the product so i researched it on makeupalley and it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and 83% out of 690(!) reviews say that the reviewer would buy it again, even if at $23 which is twice the price of regular drugstore mascaras!

having said that, buying inexpensive mascaras is no longer a disappointment and a waste. lisaz09 also mentioned that it helps her mascara not flake with the base on. my 2 max factor mascaras never flaked on me, i actually bought the shiseido to keep my curls and for the fuller effect, but it's still noteworthy that the mascara base prevents flaking throughout the day.

i took a picture of my eyelash right after i curled put on the mascara base and my favorite max factor 2000 calorie mascara at the start of my shift...

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and took a picture of the same eye about 10 hours later after shift when i got home. sorry i forgot to take profile pictures of my lashes.
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after about 10 hours my lashes sorta relaxed a bit, but let me tell you the fact that you can still see where the lash curler bent my lashes is a feat for my lashes.

i prefer using my max factor 2000 calorie with this mascara base than my max factor false lash effect mascara, either that or i don't know how to curl my lashes without making 3 strands of my lashes clump together or come to a point.

i got this baby at a shiseido store in makati, at about US$34 as opposed to US$23 plus s&h of US$6 if i had purchased it online. why? a bit of advise, if you're gonna buy creams, liners, liquids, bite the bullet and get it locally. you can never tell when your amazon or ebay resellers restocked their pile so by the time your shizz get to you it maybe dried up already. mineral makeup anything, clothes that you know fit you, and bags are the best to buy online (minus the fact you can't inspect latches and handles, but i digress).

bottom line, anyone who can afford this, who have short, straight lashes but love to curl them, should give this mascara base a try.


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