Saturday, June 27, 2009

buying on multiply MY WORST EXPERIENCE so far

i will try to be as objective and see the other side as much as i can but as a buyer i can't help but doubt and get frustrated. also, take note, i did not think for minute that my experience came from a bogus seller. nafrustrate ako not doubt her. the seller i'm pertaining to did deliver, EVENTUALLY with excuses.

as you might know i buy stuff online, on and most recently and more so on multiply.
most of the multiply sellers i've purchased from are very quick to reply to texts, emails/ym's and pm's. since i've purchased from them once or twice before they even oblige me and reserve some items for me, yey . i've purchased and will purchase again from beautybytes , gettickledpink , mineralessentials, myfabfinds, daintyshop, marikitboutique, trinketi , and of course from ellanaminerals (I HEART YOU MA'AM CONEY!), i may have missed out in naming the other multiply sellers that i've purchased from for this i apologize. if i forget then it means the transaction went thru fine and nothing bad came of our dealings.

as a buyer, i expect
1.) to get a response from a seller within 24 hours.

2.) when the item is on hand (meaning not preorder) ADVISE ME IF you wait til there are x number of orders you complete before you go treking to xend/air21, cuz i really thought once i paid i would've gotten my order in the next 2-3 days not 8 business days.

3.) i over paid, i have the email somewhere but i over paid 90 bucks. so she uses air21 (fr the 50 i paid for her to use xend i suppose she added another 60=p110 for that size of air21 package) so i have about 30pesos left, then

4.) while you're at the stupid air21 office you could've said, oops per air21 we can't ship liquid stuff, that way once i get it i won't get surprised with what is missing in my package. and how convenient that only when i started to rant by text did this person return 50 bucks for the missing item. with the excuse of saying now lang sila nagaabiso to the rest na kinulangan ang pinadalang items. do i look like i was born yesterday? convenient masyado.

a multiply user pm-ed me and asked if i had gotten my order as this multiply user claims she's been waiting for her order nearly a month and has only been advised of her tracking number today (hope your package makes it to your event girl!). oh ha, maswerte pa pala inabot ko.

i won't name this seller on this blog post, like i said, i'm trying to be fair baka nga iniipon nya muna mga deliveries nya before going to xend, baka WALANG LOAD, down ang internet, hindi mapaayos ang down internet, toxic sa packaging ng mga dumating na geo lenses. KAYA KONG TANGAPIN LAHAT NG PALIWANAG magabiso lang before hand and pls make your excuses air tight and not look too convenient. i know it can be said that her explanation can fall on deaf ears since i am frustrated but see the time line is:

  • payment sent jun16,
  • advised delivery by mon jun22,
  • jun22, no tracking number, sent/texts/ym/pm, no response, got tracking no jun24,
  • got package na kulang june26
  • got refund june 26 EVENING after i asked pa why the delivery was missing an item.
(oh ha bullets!)
can you blame my frustration?

to be fair as well, pm me if you wanna know who this seller is and avoid what happened to me to happen to you. i just wanna share my experience that buying on multiply or ebay is really easy and not at all dangerous, it just can be frustrating if the person you're buying from does not reply and tell you their packaging for a whole week kaya di maka reply, yeah whatever.


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