Monday, June 8, 2009

THE KEBAB FACTORY IN SM MEGA MALL --off my general topic

as my birthday weekend vacay expires on a beautiful sunny and bright sunday, my boo and i finally met up at sm mega mall as initially planned last friday.

walking around avoiding getting bumped and being
given cold

stares like it's your fault, we found the kebab factory. AND visions of hussein's persian kebab, bob n joe's (so ya, i'm definitely showing my age here ), that little corner on the side walk on makati ave, days of with the mom and pop who raised me to have varied tastes came flying back. without hesitation, boipren's hand in mine, we flew in the kebab factory, yes, it's my first time in there, as, like i said, i hardly go to mega to avoid bruising.

i order my favorite, MILD spicy lamb kebab, and my beloved orders shish. we have a couple of galic naan. the head waiter was great and knew what i was talking about because i do NOT call naan bread naan, and no i don't call it pita either, puhleezz, to me because of hussein, i call it kubos(h) [spell check, too lazy to google].

in her [this] factory, they give new meaning to MILD, so if you're not into spicy food, don't order the mild, hahaha. but i am, i was raised on it, too. the shish kebab was perfect, too. just the right spice, saltiness, with a very slight hint of gamy-ness. both orders were very juicy and tender. the lady owner asked us if we enjoyed our food i merely replied, i was hoping for the food to be just even half as good as hussein's but i dare say it [her's] rivals if not better than hussein's. that put a a huge smile on her face.

i definitely recommend this resto if hussein's is too far and too pricey.


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