Tuesday, June 2, 2009


my suspicions were confirmed this sunday when i went to glorieta to meet up with a high school batchmate.

i've been addicted to makeup and skin care since i got reintroduced to it late last year thanks to bobbi brown and my sister in law. and googling and searching i discovered tns and what good reviews it gets for their skin care. but since i work right next to a less than average mall, ahem robinson's galleria, my only go to places for skin care and/or makeup is the face shop and the body shop, not even skinfood has a stall in rob, ahem, cough, cough.

so finally i visit the natural source in glorieta, and lo, they have mineral foundation, in a shade better suited to my ever growing pale skin. and it was at 30% price off. so, i bought it. review on that when i have a decent photo of it, coming soon. since i review cosmetics and contribute to epinions.com, totalbeauty.com, and makeupalley.com, i wanted to write a full review and researching the ingredients of this holy grail mineral foundation was crucial.

thenaturalsource.com website no longer pulls up. the webmaster and email address that i had to search by doing a whois lookup got me no where. the tns china email i sent didn't bounce back but blame my dad for not sending me to ICA, but i wrote my email in american english. no reply. so, i asked kikay exchange one their tns post if they knew what was going on, NR, ggrrrr, ok just now i've decided to stop my subscription from them (kikay exchange).

everytime i go to the natural source store they were on sale which raised my suspicions all the more. i had to go back there to get the ingredients of the mineral foundation and what spf it had. found out what i needed and left.

last sunday, one of the SA's finally told me that they learned that the natural source will close back in march (09). one of the SA's claims that they heard that the owner made some bad investments that were separate from the natural source, he couldn't come out it and dragged tns with him in his hole. whether that's true, or not, bottom line, the natural source, everywhere and australia has closed. what they are doing now is merely disposing of the stocks thus the on going sale.

my shade of mineral foundation is already out of stock, they said they'd call the serendra branch and reserve it for me, hopefully they would.
since i don't care much for their daintree and beer for the hair stuff, i just got myself a facial scrub, a mascara, 2 lip glosses, the lime green tubes are eye makeup remover and a foundation primer. the chamomile facial mask is of from a different purchase date.

dang, this shop is the one other shop from the west that can actually compete with the body shop both in popularity and dare i say sales. i am so sad that the owner didn't protect himself and his label. hopefully one day it comes back. i hear the darkest before the dawn is nearly over now (talking about the global recession)


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