Monday, July 27, 2009

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant

Cuisine: International
this time it's the hubby that wanted to try something new. His friend and business partner recommended this restaurant so we gave it a shot. I give special thanks to azrael for the pic.

The Portions and Taste: The waiter insisted that the baby back rib order can satiate two people. So we only ordered one main dish. For an entree we ordered the mozzarella spinach dip with bread. The entree or appetizer was more than enough. The mozzarella was hot and wasn't too salty. I loved the spinach in it. Even Benj, who usually doesn't eat veggies ate it.

The baby back rib was great. It had the usual side dishes. The meat did roll off the ribs. The barbecue sauce used wasn't overwhelming, it wasn't too sweet nor too salty. It wasn't spicy though. BUT THE DISH IS NOT ENOUGH TO FEED 2 PEOPLE. but for php350 this order is way better than las paellas' pepper "steak" for the same price. And, no, Benj didn't swear off this restaurant. Medyo bitin nga lang sya ulit.

The people around us did better by not believing their waiters and ordered food that could've fed a small army. I can safely say, more or less, the portions at Bigby's are comparable to the portions of Burgoo.

The Ambience: At the time we were there, Bigby's own "radio" was on and they played 80's music. noooooo not modern talking's brother louie but more like mike francis' "friends" and greatest american hero. it was kinda bar, grill type with "wooden" panels, i was sorta looking for a deer's head mounted somewhere. but if that's what floats their boat, so long as the food is good, which it was, then the place is alright by me.

THE PRICE: though we haven't tried holy cow, the prices of bigby's is similar to burgoo's as well. so you decide if that's pricey for you.

Hope this helps and if you're at SM Mega this Bigby's is at the Atrium "new" place they have.


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