Tuesday, July 21, 2009

call center: walang katapusang, walang katulong dito!!!

as some of you may know i work in a call center (currently in ortigas but will move to makati by next week, no i'm not sacked nor did i resign, it's a management thing to have the account i'm in to move to makati). i also work at night so when i leave the office the morning normal sched people have not arrived. neither has the morning crew begun their work cleaning up after people like the ones that left their crap behind.behold!
banana peel
banana peel??? seriously? 2 banana peels??? someone could slip and hit their lazy a$$ head on those steps! at least the ones that left the mcdo garbage bagged their sh!t, but couldn't muster the strength and the time since they might go on over break or lunch to find a trash bin and must think that the robinson's service master would go that far out to pick up after them, or worse they thought the mcdo crew actually followed them and were waiting to put away their fast food.i must confess, i'm not an oc, i don't care if my spoon and fork don't match, my desk is a mess while i'm occupying it, but i leave my station as though i was never there. i'm a little used to the usual crap left behind by the people that occupy the bldg with me, but BANANA PEELS?


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