Sunday, July 12, 2009

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some of you may have been noticing my plurk/twitter/FB updates that the hubby and i have been frequenting serendra. serendra's boni hi street is such a relaxing place to be in. the restaurant choices are to my liking, there's a hobes and landes and a fully booked that's a whole building. the spa there is a whole building as well. i actually frequent serendra for my tns shopping sprees but i can't ignore makeup forever and lush since MUFE only has that one branch in serendra and the other is at crossings at edsa shang. i know i'm naming places wrong (i.e. serendra and crossings) but hopefully you get what i mean. i'm rather late in finding flippish, none the less hopefully this myth buster video is informative to y'all.

i actually met yuki in (the MUFE makeup artist) and that person color matched me for their HD liquid foundations. MUFE has very good customer service and they didn't push their product(s) or snubb me when i said i still had tons of makeup the way that female dog did at the mac store near rustans makati did after color matching me. thanks to chrina and for this myth buster

i'm not understanding why my using the same code provided by shows the video there on tabulas but doesn't on this blogger site. but hopefully i can remedy that soon. hope you can visit those pages. thanks to different browsing software and photobucket, viola, the video should now play at least the first part of it, so until i fully upload it kindly go to the flippish site of my


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