Sunday, July 26, 2009


after a warning from a good friend about las paellas' portions benj and i still went ahead and tried out the las paellas that opened at the robinson's galleria branch. it opened about 2 or 3 months ago and finally we had a chance to try it out.

i ordered the chorizo pasta thing and benj ordered peppered steak (shown in the pic). ok so the hubby ordered the thing to be well done so it took a bit of time for the order to arrive. but thankfully it did before my chorizo pasta ran out and before my lunch break ran out of time as well.

THE PORTIONS: the whole steak was about less than 2 inches in diameter all around. like i mentioned in one of my reviews (the close-up spa tooth paste) benj has the patience of Job. unfortunately, the size of this "steak" surprised him. along with that steak was a scoop of mashed potato (the kind you add water to) and a helping of baguio beans and chopped carrots. so hindi man lang nabusog ang bheb ko. that order was PhP350. I know las paellas isn't TGIF or burgoo but for that price at burgoo or TGIF you'd get a plate that can feed 2.

now for my order, the chorizo pasta thing. the portion was small as well. and it was also noticeable. i really suggest for this restaurant to use smaller plates to at least fool the patrons to thinking that they're getting a lot of food.

THE TASTE: both orders tasted ok, on the salty side. even the mashed potato was salty. so if you're sensitive to salt i do not recommend the pepper steak and the chorizo pasta.

THE AMBIANCE: it was in a mall next to the body shop near an entrance, the restaurant was open so i can't speak much of a cozy ambiance experience. it just made me wanna go back to the body shop and get something!

THE PRICE: too pricey for the amount of food we got served.

THE VERDICT: benj said "WE WILL NEVER EAT HERE, AGAIN." strong words coming from a guy who's very patient, loving, and to all who know him, a happy go lucky, non-judgmental type of guy.

so i hope our two orders are items you will(should) avoid if any of you still choose to visit a las paellas. or at least at this branch.


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