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Cuisine: International
Location:SM NORTH

finally saw harry potter at the sm north imax theater today. we caught the first showing so after the movie benj and i had late lunch.

tokyo cafe as explained on click the city who interviewed the Japanese owner, is sorta like a fusion restaurant. no sushi is served that i saw. they serve Italian and Filipino, in a Japanese way. (ye am going gahgah over Asian stuff, finally).

I had the highly recommended creamy ebiko spaghetti while benj had the Tokyo boneless chicken.

THE PORTIONS: Ebiko Creamy Pasta: my order had just the right amount of pasta and shrimp, and since i like my spaghetti with a whole lot of sauce in it i was tickled pink that i was served with lots of sauce yet it wasn't too creamy like some of those chicken curry that have too much coconut milk in it. it wasn't too salty, the pasta was al dente and it didn't leave an after taste nor was it nakaka-umay. i now know why that ebiko creamy pasta has been blogged about and is highly recommended.

ebiko pasta

Tokyo Boneless Chicken: The portion was smaller than expected. I thought the taste made up for the quantity. I loved how the herbal taste didn't die in the cooking process. Benj liked the taste, too. The rice was a little on the wet side, i almost thought it was rice used for sushi. so alas, bitin nanaman ang asawa ko sa food. But at least, he didn't swear off the place. By the way, it is as savory as depicted in the picture below:

tokyo boneless chicken

Some of you may recall how much i love nai cha, and quickly's milk teas, and even bubble tea. today was no exception, i had to try tokyo cafe's milk tea, the royal hot milk tea. The sweetness is up to the consumer so i added splenda. So, as served, the hot milk tea is without sugar, but you are provided with a sachet of sugar. I loved the tangy herbal tea flavor and the milk they used was light.


THE SERVICE: IT WAS FAST! considering the place was nearly full, our orders arrived quickly. Payment took quite a bit but it's possible that BPI's credit card verification line was busy so that no longer tokyo cafe's fault. Having the owner/manager there to oversea this branch today was comforting, too.

THE AMBIENCE: it had a diner/cafe feel to it as what the manager tried to explain in his click the city interview. he wanted to bring that family diner type of restaurant to Manila. So if any of you still remember the Arnold's diner on Makati Avenue that sorta like a soda pop stand of the American 50's, it's still apparently all over Tokyo but more updated and upscale.

THE PRICE: Even though the service is uber fast, that even my hubby noticed, the food isn't fast food but it also isn't as expensive as italianis that can sometimes be overrated but the prices aren't as inexpensive as they are in Chow King. check out the price list on this link.

THE LOCATIONS: This restaurant can be found in SM malls, (Benj and I were just lucky to actually see the owner/manager overseeing the business at the SM North branch).


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