Thursday, August 13, 2009


Cuisine: American
Location:SM Mega Mall
Benj and I tried out holy cow as recommended by one of my officemates to have large portions or servings.

THE AMBIENCE: It's in mega mall, the new atrium extension nice posh place area, i forget what it's called. it's a ranch type diner place. with booths and soft lighting. the servers wear uniforms that make them look like cow boys and cow women. mall noises are not heard since it's in that cul de sac thingy of that new part of mega A. it's ok by my standards.

THE FOOD: we ordered the steak and chicken while i had the "award winning" angel hair pasta in pesto. the chicken and steak was on a sizzling plate with corn on a cob complete with a big scoop of mashed potato. the angel hair pasta was completely drizzled with the pesto sauce.

both orders were good enough for one person and both were gratifying. I liked both orders. I liked the steak more than the chicken but the chicken can hold its own. we had our steak grilled to medium well. they understood what that meant, since it was just the right crispy on the outside while it retained the juicy but not gamy taste on the inside.

they call their angel hair pesto award winning. though the pesto sauce could use a little more pine nuts it was ok. the pasta was al dente thus was not gooey soggy. i don't know if it has won any awards so i don't know why they named it such. it's good though.

THE PRICE: it wasn't cheap nor was it too pricey either.

THE VERDICT: Holy cow is a great family place that can replace italianis or fridays anytime if you're sick of their prices, menu and hard to finish portions.

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