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FINALLY, after I first saw a huge tarpaulin of Song Hye Kyo covering the boutique being constructed for Laneige THREE MONTHS AGO, I get to trinoma and it's open! They had a soft opening about a couple of weeks ago and the grand party is on Wednesday, Aug 5.

I got treated to a light make over so as I type this review, I still have the Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation that bubzbeauty shown on the vid below keeps using, see vid below to see how some of the laneige products are used.

i have a before pic on my review of skinfood's bb cream. i now hardly have any blemishes but my skin is sallow and i have a bit of that under eye darkness. but, grace, my laneige sa that worked on my foundation demo/"make-over" wanted to do the "natural" looking no makeup makeup look on me as inspired by their endorser song hye. ehto, awa ng Dios, mukha paring intsek! 
hahaha sorry naman bad hair day
hahaha but apart from the foundation, she filled in my brows, tightlined my lashes with their water proof eyeliner, and used their snow crystal lipstick and gloss, which by the way is still on my lips even after i've eaten and doesn't feel drying on my lips


THE SHADE: Shade number 1 was almost ok but had a pink undertone on me so i said, hell no. Shade no. 2 had a more yellow based undertone, so she used shade no. 2 which suited me just fine, and today, finally, i found the shade that matches my neck and shoulders.

THE CONSISTENCY: it's a cross between a cream like olay's total effects and your usual foundation like revlon's colorstay, so it's light, not so runny but creamy and easy to apply. it doesn't feel heavy on my skin either. if at home the foundation can be applied with foundation brush or your fingers, i don't suggest a wet sponge since the product is on the runny side and you'll (or i'll be liable) to get more product in the sponge than applied on the face.

THE FORMULA: the foundation is not specific for oily skin, they have another foundation for that but their lightest shade is too dark. so if i were to purchase a foundation from this cosmetics company, it would be this snow crystal variant. BUT walking around this terribly crowded mall, with some parts of it hardly having any airconditioning, i can safely say that even after 4 hours my t zone had no signs of shine! wow, may katapat na holy grail kong revlon colorstay! 4 hours is my usual limit since with most other products my nose would get oily by the 2nd or 3rd hour. i didn't get oily until the 5th hour, no touch up, air being humid at home since it was about to rain on top of the fact i had to do some domestic duties. it also didn't oxidize on me. the shade remains the same on my face as it was first applied albeit the snow sliding pact (their pressed powder) has now been completely absorbed by my oilies. It doesn't sink into my pores either, cuz some of these cosmetics after awhile make my pores even larger, this foundation has not done that.

THE PACKAGING: here it is 
fuzkitties snow crystal foundation 
this is a pic taken by one of my favorite makeup gurus fuzkittie and as you can see, the pump is quite different from the pumps we're used like from mac, makeup forever or even vov, ever bilena, or the face shop's foundations. the top is spring loaded but the product comes out in the middle. supposedly this way is more hygienic, pare pareho lang yan depende sa pag gamit, linis ng brush or mga daliri. i find the usual pumps like from makeup forever or mac or the usual pumps you're familiar with like the olay total effect's more hygienic than this top loading thing. la lang para maiba sila siguro.

LASTING POWER: ok, i'm a slow typer, idea collator, and thinker, it's now been about 7 hours since the foundation was applied on me this afternoon. it's still there! not melted away by my oily face, ahem bobbi brown oil free foundation ahem. i've only blotted my t zone once. have not touched up. the shade is still the same as it was first applied.

THE PRICE: er, kapantay ng presyo ng bobbi brown. but i was pleasantly surprised that the overhead and other duties are not as imposed on this brand as it is on mac!!! some of the items are priced the same way as the items at the skinfood. i know it isn't the face shop when it comes to friendly prices, but cosmetics in general are a luxury, period. hahaha oh ha defensive ulit, pera ko nga pala toh.

it's also been reviewed and given high marks on click here

I actually bought something from the store, since i still had lots of bb creams and a couple of foundations, i opted to buy a makeup base that had a higher spf to put under or together with my bb creams. i'll try to make it to their grand launch on wed night, (asa pa ko, i'll be coming from makati and ass wipe training ends at 8pm buset).

WILL I BUY THIS FOUNDATION: i'm still iffy on it, since there's a concealer with it on top, i don't know what i'll do with it since the foundation itself covers my under eye circles just fine.
And finally, in keeping with the other Korean stores we have here, i was given samplesssss. laneige samples


shaynaJo said...

hi there, nice review...i'm thinking of getting this too.
But erm, i have a question, did the SA applied any makeup base/ primer on ur face before applying the foundation? could you let me know? thanks alot!! =)

javieth said...

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Marge said...

hi there, nice review...i'm thinking of getting this too.
But erm, i have a question, did the SA applied any makeup base/ primer on ur face before applying the foundation? could you let me know? thanks alot!! =)

Marge said...

the SA didn't reply a primer on my face. sorry for the super late reply the comments all went to my spam folder, til i noticed this on disqus. thank you

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