Saturday, August 8, 2009

My youth is dead

as much as i thank my father for doing his best to send me to Assumption College ( high school in San Lo) i never did belong, never did connect, and ended up with the left of center crowd anyway while i was there.

and though happily moreover, thankfully i'm still very much in touch with grace and mia with whom i associate my youth more than anything else now, i still sometimes pop in one of Jumbo's (my one time dvd supplier) dvd's in to bring back some memories and fun. but yesterday i learned that John Hughes has moved on and it just flooded back the great and not so great memories of youth and of how i was able to relate (though about a decade late) with Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles, Allan Ruck in Ferris Bueller's Day off, and Alley Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, and most of all in high school, I felt like Molly Ringwald while she was driving around in the posh neighborhood in Pretty in Pink back to back with Mary Stewart Masterson as Watts in Somekind Wonderful. Among my friends, i suppose we all have fond memories of just some of John Hughe's movies, (though i didn't enjoy home alone at all).

I would remember John Hughes for those movies that stared actors that didn't look at all like they were in still in high school ahem James Spader, yet I would definitely say that i was one of those left of center people that really can't get along (even now) with the crowd but only with a certain wonderful few (who i hope to see tonight for someone's birthday party!).

These movies, though i watched them a decade later after they came out, are a great part of my youth. I definitely could relate with the protagonists during that point of my life and would someday hope to be like Elizabeth McGovern's character in She's Having A Baby when the time comes, but more likely I'd be the ill prepared confused Kevin Bacon character in the movie, hahaha.

farewell John Hughes, farewell, youth.


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