Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bb cream comparison

Product Name Texturue Scent
Oil control
Lasting Power Shade Match to my skin
Skin care: Moisturizing / Blemish Balm
Elianto Miracle Multiplex shade#1 SPF 25 pa+
creamy, slightly watery, lotion-like awful, strong scent like ly-na had to blot within an hour (possibly because of our humidity) 3 hours
almost 90% match no effect
SPF 25 PA++
The Face Shop Skin BB SPF 20 pa++
thick, difficult to spread
baby powder +dimetapp scent
had to blot within 2 to 3 hours
5 to 6 hours
pinky white cast but color adapts within 10mins
helps dry up my pimples
SPF 20 PA++
Missha Perfect Cover SPF42 pa+++
thick, difficult to spread
less intense than tfs' skin
had to blot with 3 to 4 hours
5to 6 hours
shade 23 is a little yellow on me but at least it isn't scarily white or have a grey/pink cast
helps dry up my pimples SPF 42 PA+++
SkinFood Ginko

watery, lotion-like, easy to spread
like bark, earthy
had to blot within 2 hours
about 4 to 5 hours
shade #2 is yellow on me but at least it isn't scarily white or have a grey/pink cast
moisturizing without making me too oily
The Face Shop Quick n Clean

slightly thick but not as thick as tfs skin bb
like baby powder
had to blot within 2 or 3 hours
about 3 hours or less
grey cast initially but adapts in 10mins
moisturizing not too oily

there are two more columns not shown on this post but can be seen on my which is they are blemish balm effect and spf. as a blemish balm it should be able to help lighten our pimple scars or surgical scars. elianto's multiplex bb has no effect and made me oily. the face shop's skin bb helped my zits dry up more quickly than usual and is a good makeup base. missha's perfect cover also helps dry up my zits faster than normal. the skin food's ginko bb is moisturizing yet i have yet to see my zit scars lighten or brighten. the face shop's quick and clean is moisturizing and not oily but i saw no difference in the healing rate of my zits or scars.

these are just some of the bb creams i have started to use at home. this list has no particular order. i have some more waiting to be opened and used. out of all the bb creams on this list, my favorite is missha's perfect cover and skinfood's ginko bb cream. after i've consumed at least half of the products listed above, i will review the following: L'egere white multi, the skinfood aloe shade #1, doctor Jart silver, etude silky, and brtc perfect recover.

if anyone of you have suggestions on what i should look for in a bb cream apart from the qualities i've listed above. leave a comment below.


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hehe out of all the bb creams that i have i love missha's coverage and smell!! oh and you might want to add the PRICE range and how many ML on them hehe.ill wait for your SF aloe review

Marge said...

thanks for the suggestion, i'll definitely fix/change my blogger theme to fit the table on here to include the price range and net content. ^_^

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