Sunday, August 9, 2009

Revlon Creme Gloss


Nakaka loko yung packaging (the tube packaging is deceiving), it's your basic brush applicator tip tube with the twisty thing at the bottom to push out the product. Kala ko buong tube may product yun pala kung ano lang yung nakikita sa see thru part yun na yon (i thought the whole tube would contain the liquid product). Pero (but), I like the fact that it's a brush tip instead of a doe foot q-tip kinda applicator tip. it makes spreading the creamy gloss more evenly, in my own opinion. Ingat lang the first time you push out the product from the tube on to the brush, it can be like tooth paste that squirts out uncontrollably.

The shade i got is peachy sheen. I really like the natural peachy, not too orangey not too pinky color. they have another one that's deeper orange called crush on coral which would be too bright on my lips. this peachy sheen compliments my peachy-pink blushers and this shade is very wearable for the office or school.

The consistency is really creamy. not tacky, not sticky. just right for a gloss, but not too slippery. Hindi nakakadry sa lips. The liquid does not separate It's easy to spread and blends well if i wanted to put it on top of another lipstick if i wanna top this creme gloss with another gloss. Which brings me to:

(it is not) Hindi sya too glossy, it's more like a liquid lipstick. so at least you don't look like you've just eaten balat ng lechon after applying this on your lips. i actually really like that it isn't too glossy, but some might not since the packaging says gloss. (it takes) Medyo layering tayo to bring out the gloss even then it's just a sheen just like the name of this shade suggests 0_o It's buildable. A thin layer hardley shows up, but it's buildable and the color stays true once you reach that layer that shows off the peach.

Since it's not too tacky, it doesn't last too long, this isn't a colorstay product so the color will not stay. it hardly rubs off or kiss off though, it's only when I eat that that the color almost disappears from my lips. but in that regard, it's easy to wash off.

The price: PhP400+ for something that's 0.04 oz?!?! Sana nag l'oreal 6ours gloss na lang ko mas marami pang laman yon. i finished my tube in like a month or less tinitipid ko pa yon. it's too expensive for something so little.

Overall Rating (1 = worst, 5 = best) = 3.5
Price (1 = dirt cheap, 5 = expensive) = 4
Packaging Quality (1 = worst, 5 = best) = 4
Would I buy this product again? = Nope, only if it's half off or buy one get one. ganda pa naman.


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