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at least, at the very minimum, twice a year, i have my facial done "professionally". i've tried different parlors, spa's and i usually end up back in holistic (in mega mall) since they usually bundle their full body massage and facial affordable packages.

any first time customer for their treatments at VMV, usually get a BOGO (buy one get one) either in gift check form or the'd list your name down on their log book for your appointment. but i suggest to keep your receipts handy if you haven't redeemed your facial yet or just get the gc so you can have your facial at any of their treatment parlors (trinoma, robinson's galleria, and serendra-boni high street) with those gc's.

the facial i had includes extraction of black and white heads, slight sloughing of the deadest top layer of your epidermis, and the products used are from their different lines. i have oily combination skin so the products used on me were for such or the orange label (they have the green for oily skin, and the blue label for dry skin, violet label for those not included in the green, orange, and blue ranges).

The experience: vmv's facial parlor at robinson's galleria did not have the most ideal location in the west wing since their room was at the front part of the all the facials/derma clinics on that wing. so the mall noises were still loud even in the treatment room. but am pretty sure the serendra branch has better acoustics (or lack of it). They do try to play those spa relaxing music so if you can channel the mall noise out then, viola, a spa experience.

The products used: The products are not yet on or or even my epinions, but what i've gathered so far from friends and family is that vmv products are pricey but work well and isn't as ridiculously priced as my obagi holy grail. by the way, vmv is a Philippine company (since 1979) that exports their skin care and cosmetics products and have already won different awards.

Micah, (i'm bad with names but i'll edit this entry if i have her name wrong) at the robinson's galleria branch was the girl that gave me my facial and had a light hand at every step. Had it not been for a pimple that was drying out already, i would have felt no pain at all. She got all the black and white heads i've accumulated over the months since my last facial.

They have a mask but unfortunately only available during facial treatments and not for retail. The rest of the products used on me are available at vmv stores.

Overall these facials are dependent on the "professional" doing the extraction, the products used, AND your skin's reaction to the products. I give my facial experience from vmv last night the 4 stars because of the pleasant almost painless experience i had under the hands of Micah, the fact that my nose didn't turn tomato red, and that she got the stuff i wanted taken out. The fifth and final star was not given because of the location and the price.

These treatments are a luxury (how ever you look at it) and there are places that you can get these for a lot cheaper. we can buy products that have proven safe and effective thru the years such as cetaphil, clean and clear, etc. You can also cook rice and have the steam blow on your face open your pores and do your own facial, and eat the rice at the end of your home facial but i'm way to lazy for that. teka lang, ba't may bitterness? hahaha, pera ko nga pala toh.

VMV Hypoallergenics is definitely a cosmetic and skin care line that deserves Filipino patronage or at least a second look before western products. Hope this helps


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