Monday, September 14, 2009

Buying geo lenses on multiply or anywhere the decision is yours especially for the cosplayers

i will leave the decision up to you as to what happened. all i know is i got great customer service, free shipping and 60ml solution when i purchased two pairs of lenses from multiply seller, icah089.

there's this multiply site called geo police whose user claims to be in Korea, ok fine whatever. i monitor that site so i can find other sellers that someone else already trusts. i found icah089 from geo police before i did my most recent purchase for a couple of pairs. i also purchased from icah089 a hellokitty lens kit so i know that this seller isn't bogus since i've already tried buying an item from her. so since geo police listed her as a trusted seller of geo lens, off i went to purchase from her. it came in the mail as expected. i got the customer service i was expecting, there were geo medical authenticity stickers
, that i checked out,
so to me, icah is a seller that i can trust. check out the typo/grammar error on the authenticity site

unfortunately, as soon as i got my package from icah, i check out geo police again, and see that icah is no longer part of the trusted sellers group and is now tagged as a violator. pohta, i pm geopolice right away and they merely reply that someone claims that icah sells her geo lenses at a buy 1 get 1 promo. which apparently not allowed to keep the prices stable at a minimum of US$15 a pair. so one person claims to have a dispute with icah and suddenly icah is on the violators list? i told geo police that i purchased two pairs of geo lenses at the correct price and told geopolice that the main reason why i bought from icah is because of their online stamp of approval. so as a customer i felt like, wow bat yung iba naka buy one get one ako hindi. but actually, i have been monitoring icah's site and for the last 2 or 3 months that i've been checking out her site, not once have i seen her give out a promo like that!

i did ask icah what that was about and she doesn't know either and claims that she already spoke to the person that reported her to geopolice and claims to have resolved that issue, unfortunately icah is, up to now, still on the violators list. let me reiterate, she is being accused of selling below the suggested retail price which is still far different from selling fakes. since end customers such as myself don't really know how much they pay geo medical in bulk to get their lenses as wholesalers. but she sold me 2 pairs at the correct suggested retail price. so to me, she didn't violate any geo medical policy.

there are things i'd like to close this blog entry with, 1.) even geo's direct from geo medical gave me and 5 other office mates irritated eyes
, my ever reliable multiply store, trinketi replaced them asap and claims to have reported the incident to geo medical as well. so there are two multiply sellers i'd get geo lenses in the future either TRINKETI or ICAH 2.) check the authenticity like you mean it even if that website is not even proof-read (red). 3.) just be very careful where you buy anything ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR EYES.

lastly observe, clean your lenses, and for Pete's sake wear them in a clean environment not the stairwell of megamall!


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