Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fish & Co

Cuisine: International
white spag

it was the weekend and off benj and i went to have lunch we and caught the first showing of UP at trinoma a couple of weeks ago. we have that bff card that allows for some discount at italianis, fish & co, and friday's. this time it was fish & co we chose to eat at, for a change.

this time we chose to use it at fish & co. we ordered the thin crust pizza and the carbonara shrimp pasta. both dishes had shrimps. .

THE AMBIANCE: it's a fish and chips place so you know there's not much else i can add to that.

THE FOOD: the sodas are refillable. the portions were just right. both of our orders were very filling and gratifying. the pasta was completely drenched with the white sauce and had an ample amount of shrimps. the white sauce was fine and on the salty side which i liked. and because i think it had cream it was very filling. the pasta itself was al dente, purrfect! i really enjoyed my pasta dish. i'm not one for white sauce but i liked this one from fish & co A LOT.

the pizza on the other hand, is pwede na, (didn't wow me, it was just ok). it wasn't lacking in shrimp, but it did lack taste and sauce. the crust was a little drying on the tongue. i'll prolly not order this again. benj liked it though.

THE SERVICE: the staff and service was quick and courteous. they also didn't say that their portions are good enough for two people like other restaurants' staff say.

THE PRICE: it's a fish and chips place for Pete's sake! ait's too expensive for being such. for that price, a red meat lover like myself is better off at the kebab factory or friday's. BUT if you're into seafood and money is not too much of an issue, fish & co is a wonderful alternative to other restaurants that only serve seafood but don't have it as their main cuisine.

by the way masarap yung shrimp carbonara hahaha


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