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REVIEW: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

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my first purchase of any cosmetic for a very long time was the Bobbi Brown Long wear gel liner and that was last year. that has got the ball rolling on to my makeup hobby and how to find that flawless natural look without buying bobbi brown cosmetics such as her foundations and concealers.

in my search for cheaper alternatives, i've had a few misses but have found a brand even cheaper than Maybelline (more on that on coming reviews). But today, I will review their latest liner.

a polished looking FOTD using a thin line with only 1 to 2 applications of the gel liner:

maybelline gel liner

On the box, it says quick dry, intense color, lasts all day, smudge proof, water proof and 24h with expert eyeliner brush.

i will go backwards:
1.) expert eyeliner brush - THIS IS ONE FANTASTIC TINY LITTLE THING! there was my coastal scents bent liner (that i even ordered one more of for back up) that i always reach for, but when i dry it after washing it, i grumble and have to use something else. not anymore! this brush from Maybelline is just the right thin/thickness for a super precision line that is so close to the lash line. it's so soft yet stiff enough that i use it to line my upper waterline as well. the brush alone should be half the cost of my purchase. now don't think i don't see the future that when i've gone thru half of the gel liner already and the brush will get product on its sides because the tip of the brush is really small and that i have to dig in the jar to get into it. gets ko, so i soooo thank the smart person who got a pair of pliers and made the ergonomic bent liner brush.

2.)water proof. yes, it is, after i made a video review on it, i had difficulty washing it off the back of my hand with just soap and water. also tear proof, since my waterline is still lined with the product even after a full shift.

3.)smudge proof. yes it is. so it doesn't bleed or travel down the corner of my eye.

4.)lasts all day. if a day means from the time you put on your face, after you shower and dress up, the LONG COMMUTE TO WORK, the full shift, then THE LONG COMMUTE home, then may blogging and youtube watching pa, then yes, it does last a whole day. as for the 24 hours, dunno haven't tried, not willing to try.

5.) intense color, yes, it doesn't fade to a midnight blue or a grey, it's a true black color.

6.) QUICK DRY: as for lining my upper waterline, it dries quick enough that it doesn't smear or transfer to my lower waterline, yahoo. as for lining my upper lash line, well
there. it definitely dries faster than liquid liner, but my bobbi brown long wear gel liner dries more quickly than this maybelline one. so if i make a mistake of opening my eyes right after i line my eyes i'm liable to stain my upper or hooded lid. and since it's effing waterproof, it's hard to fix. my video review will show what i mean in more detail.

it also doesn't flake. but it's new, my bobbi brown didn't flake when it was new either, but is now starting to flake a few hours of wearing it.

so over all for PhP399 compared to PhP1100 from Bobbi Brown or Makeup Forever, Maybelline for once got it right. (sorry am not a fan of their dream matte mousse foundation, moisture rich lipstick, dream matte mousse blush, or the Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder) so you can tell i've tried and got disappointed with maybelline, but this gel liner of theirs is something i am happy with.

hope this helps, if you have any further questions, leave a comment below, catch y'all next time


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