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Cuisine: International
Location:SM Megamall Atrium
this review is long overdue. i suppose i couldn't find the appropriate time to blog about food (and beauty) while hell is all around me. i also didn't want to let down the people dear to me who are giving their time for(to) the relief effort by bombarding my blog (thus their inbox/wall) with non essentials like these in lieu of spreading relief effort information.

Slowly, even other beauty and about town bloggers are coming back to life thus, so shall i.

Eat&Go is a small hole in the wall at the Mega Mall atrium. As usual Benj and I wanted to taste something different other than the usual home cooked meal, everywhere else had a queue except for eat & go, and pan cake was too far in megamall and i was hungry (hehehe what's new).

Benj ordered the fried chicken while i ordered the seafood spag.

Both orders where satisfying and gratifying. The chicken was seasoned just right, not too salty and not bland. though i thought the breading would be better with a little more ground pepper. and yey, hindi nabitin si Benj sa order nya.

The seafood spag was just fine, nothing too fantastic but it was gratifying and tasty. it had an ample amount of shrimp and squid, too.

the pasta was al dente, bordering on soggy just because the portion was almost drenched with the red sauce... so Pinoy hehehe. i didn't care for the bread that was served with my pasta, but hey, laman tyan din yan.

the ambiance:

it's a diner type of place with booths and tiny tables for two. since it's new, it was still manageable and clean. i didn't check out the loo though.

the service: service was pretty quick and the waiters and waitresses were friendly and quite easy to catch their attention. even while there was a single dad trying to have a peaceful lunch with his 2 children around the ages of 4 and 5 and uber kulit, so kulit that the male child spilled his drink...and the waiters and waitresses were quick enough to assist and clean up the mess right as rain.

THE PRICE: check out the prices HERE. they are quite reasonable. it's not fast food prices but a little above that. they are not fine dining prices either.

the prices at eat & go are indeed affordable yet enough to separate you and your company from riff raff.


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