Tuesday, October 20, 2009


here are pictures of me using the primer powder under mineral foundation (also ellana in french vanilla latte. the gradual step by step transformation from a bare face:
see the pores in the above picture especially near my nose.
the above picture shows me with high definition powder applied and buffed, the pores slightly covered, i now have a slight white cast on my face. imagine this product on women with warmer or not so pale skin tones?
BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! with french vanilla latte foundation, skin tone evened out, no more white cast.
I have ellana blushes on my face a combination of fetish and obsession. ellana blushes also contain silica which in my opinion adds to the smoother quality of the powder and the ability of the products to make me look air brushed either in IRL (in real life) or in pictures.
hahaha messy hair with lipstick and all. ahmm it's just the flash but the setting powder (espresso con pana), the foundation and the high def powder under does not make me look washed out and i assure you my neck is neither fairer or darker than my face.

and this is my makeup for the office.

products used:
eyebrows: elf studio eyebrow kit
the primer powder
ellana foundation in french vanilla latte
ellana setting powder in espreso con pana
blush: ellana blush in obsession and fetish

eye shadow: skinfood cream shadow and ellana mpm in confess (on the crease only)
eyeliner: Maybelline gel liner in black
mascara: max factor false lash effect
lips: skin food lip laquer (natural fit) and ellana liquid lip color in precious.

p.s. hahaha may p.s. pang nalalaman.

i get how one can say haler the shots are farther and farther away fr your face girl! naturally we would see your pores less. but let me assure you the primer powder does help fill in the pores because there's something on your face not just the foundation and setting powder.

also this is merely an adjunct, a step that you may add or completely skip depending on your skin and how it looks.

til next time folks ^_^


Nina said...

I also use this and it really does make a difference! A really good dupe of MUFE's HD powder.

Marge said...

ye ftw, the powder in ellana's product is just as finely milled vs the makeup forever hd powder i tried the only difference would be the MUFE uber fantastic sobrang pino densely packed kabuki brush.

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