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ReviewReviewReviewREVIEW: Amici
Cuisine: Italian
Location:SM Megamall

in fairness, before i had my meal at Amici, i already had a heavy heart and was getting sleepy instead of being angry. no nothing personal i.e. the Benj and I had a fight, nothing like that. di ko lang nahabol yung isang cd that i wanted to buy at astro vision, hahaha.

Weekend lunch, the usual place, Ortigas, 3 and a half malls to choose from. We chose to eat at a place we haven't tried and where it seems there are always people eating, not a good standard to follow as you read on.

upon entering, sorry naman kung first time ko dito. turo turo pala dito. parang milky way of long ago. not jologs yet turo turo.

so the Benj placed our orders then i saw him get glasses and put ice in them, so i was in daze that i didn't realize what self service was at the time. he was holding 3 glasses, now with ice in them since my mom was with us. mom had to jump out of her chair to make sure the Benj wouldn't drop any of those glasses he had to place ice in, did i mention, by himself?

by the way the ice tea here is a liter of lipton per order. so fine isang coke zero pls.

it's a family place so madaming bata.

the orders started to arrive:


first up, the fried mozzarella cheese with breading topped with their own tomato sauce thing. SARAP. especially while pipping hot. if you can stand paying about 150-200 per head or per head/meal but without much service then do try the fried mozzarella appetizer.


the Benj always seem to order the right thing, or sadyang takaw tikim at ingitera ako. he ordered the pasta in basil(?), anchovies and olive oil, winner! Just the right saltiness. the pasta was al dente and wasn't drenched with olive oil either, it was just right. i loved his order.


my order was this tomato based seafood pasta. it had 2 big prawns, some shell fish, i don't recall if there were any squid or fish though. the tomato sauce was kinda like the sauce they put on top of the fried mozzarella. similar but not the same on the account of the seafood in it. it had the same pasta quality, al dente. mine was happily drenched in the tomato sauce. which is fine with me, actually. i had a difficult time prying out the prawns from their shells so i ended up giving them to my mom, bago lalong uminit ulo ko.


mom's order was the usual carbonara. she liked it, a bit too creamy as she couldn't finish her order on the account of it being too rich. and since there was no iced tea that less than a liter, she had to order coke light which she hardly ever does, so she felt satiated right away.

and finally the 2nd appetizer arrived, after following up the order 3 times and after we had finished our meals...


well they apologized for the delay, what else can they do right? buti na lang masarap daw (sabi ni mommy at ni the Benj).

i reviewed eat and go, here, they have a similar price range with the added extra of full service of a waitress waiting on you, serving you your drinks, glasses with ice included and not having your appetizer arrive last.

so fine, it's possible my patience was not present to begin with after having visited 3 record bars to no avail, but the fact a restaurant within spitting distance has the same price range but actually has service can annoy me even if i had gone to Amici with a cooler head.

masarap ang food dito, worth the price, magbaon lang ng pasensya [ok i think i opened myself up on that one].


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