Friday, November 20, 2009

REVIEW: Angled Liner Pro Art Detail Brush from Coastal Scents

Nikki's recent post made me think about my own bent liner brushes. and how i prolly would go nuts without these two, my initial review on the White Angled liner Brush is here, and now i think it's high time i reviewed CS' Angled Liner Pro Art Detail Brush.

First of all, it took 6 to 7 weeks for the shipping compared to my initial purchase from Coastal Scents which was exactly 14 days. apparently, i was merely lucky at that time. but wait there's more, luck struck twice as, even nearing xmas time, i got my order from sigma makeup within 2 wks as well!

now for the brush:

the newer one (the one on top the pro art) is slightly shorter than my older c217. an aspect of the newer pro art detail brush that i like. the angle of the newer brush is also slightly narrower. which means you don't have to lay the brush on its side and really work with just the tip.

HOWEVER: the bristles, i was really hoping for something as malleable as my previous c217 from coastal scents. but the bristles (nylon or taklon) on the pro art detail is much stiffer. i got two of these since they were on sale at 15% off. unfortunately the one i started using was not in a great state. the tips of the bristles are bent inward and the very very tips at least a few of them were very bent or kinda split. so i had to trim off the very tips of the bristles.

i thought my new baby just needed a bath to make the bristles softer. aba nakaka ilang hugas na ko nito, no change. i guess that's something actually.

does it work?: it does, but not as well. because the brush is stiff, my gel liner application is not as smooth compared to using its big brother, the c217. this maybe with liquid liner since it is THAT stiff. i actually use this more now in the hopes that maybe using it would soften the tips. asa pa ko.

i won't buy this again, i know it's US$2.49 so about UScents 0.35 more expensive than it's big brother but when my c217 frays, i'll just get a new one of that instead.


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