Friday, November 6, 2009


this foundation is being retailed at US$45. I got mine at the Landmark Trinoma, for PhP1300 at a buy one get one (so i have another one in their "Champagne" shade)

VMV's website description:

Liquid-Into-Powder, Soft-Yet-Perfectly-Matte Oil-Absorbing Foundation

SkinMatch, Liquid-Into-Powder, Soft-Yet-Perfectly-Matte Oil-Absorbing Foundation

You won’t believe your eyes ... and they won’t believe your skin! This magical tincture spreads on as a light liquid, then instantly transfigures: drying as a fine, fleecy, powder. But the real metamorphosis is your complexion: matte as matte can be, shine-free, yet surprisingly soft.

This mattifying foundation controls shine for hours yet looks fresh and natural, not heavy or caked on. Pore-friendly to help in the management of acne. Medium coverage that provides daily sun protection, too.

Combination to Oily Skin Medium Coverage. Validated Hypoallergenic: VH - 27. SPF 15. 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free. 100% Preservative-Free. Usage and Patch-Tested. Non-Comedogenic.

Net Content: 0.88 Oz. (25g)

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Polydimethyl Siloxane, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Titanium Dioxide, Alkyl Silane, Polymethylmethacrylate, Iron Oxides

May Contain:

My Experience:

Here's a shot of this foundation before blending. the consistency is as watery (or slightly more so) as my holiest of grail, Revlon Colorstay with Softplex for Oily Combination in Buff.


Pic of me and my office mate Jasmin, no foundation on.

Picture below shows half of my face with the foundation and the other without. Keri naman ang shade, the shade i have on is Breeze.


Pic below is taken with the flash turned on auto...tada! folks the Pinay relative of Toshio!


Pic with no flash.


Pic of myself with some makeup on, office look.


Throughout the day.


After a full shift and back at home and some oiliness and hmmm possibly oxidation as i no longer look like the undead, at, take note may flash yan.



Consistency /Application: I concur with the description of liquid into powder. The consistency of this product is glorious! It's so soft to blend and spread on my face. It doesn't dry as fast as Revlon's foundation either so I have ample time to blend. The warmth of your fingers and your face helps it make it more emollient. Don't use a sponge with this since it's too watery, sayang ang mahal na foundation kung sa loob ng sponha lang mapupunta. Use your fingers or a foundation brush with synthetic bristles i.e. taklon.

Sun protection: The usual/minimum SPF15 that most cosmetic companies dispense. NO PA + or anything!

Coverage: nako noh, to coin a phrase from one of my office mates, Bern, I look as though nagapply lang ako ng pressed powder ng "bongang bonga" (in pic when the flash is turned on). putting it mildly, the coverage is light. Too light even for my under eye circles that aren't too dark to begin with. Most of my pores were covered well enough (this in combination with a bb cream underneath as my primer).

Shade Match: So long as flash photography will not come into play then the shade suits me just fine, it's like a mix of buff (Revlon) and NC20-ish (Mac). It doesn't give an initial white cast, kung ano na yung shade nya upon first application, yun na yun.

Oil at bay: This in combination with my Skin Food Peach Sake BB cream (under the foundation) and Ellana Minerals Espresso con Pana setting powder on top made me use less of my oil blotting films. i didn't have to blot until about 6 hours later, that's a record for me. i usually have to blot in about 3 or 4 hours.

Lasting Power: I still looked fresh when I got home, all i ever usually do when I wear liquid foundation is touch it up by blotting oil and apply mineral veil or ellana's setting powder. (it's when i use mineral makeup foundation that i have to reapply after about 4 to 6 hours). It doesn't rub off. once it dries, it stays put.

Oxidation: There was oxidation (darkening) in the later part of my day, as it wasn't too reflective of the flash anymore.

Shelf Life: ONE YEAR. nako.


I recommend this foundation to people with hardly any blemish. I recommend this foundation to people who actually use a separate concealer for their under eye circles. I recommend this foundation to people who won't have their picture taken or if you would, it's possible a diffuser can help. Ang sakit naman i-recommend for everyday office wear sa mahal ng foundation na toh when there are other foundations just as good for PhP825 and come in a full oz instead of being just 0.88 Oz


Jennever said...

Hi. When was the buy one take one promo? I got mine on Boni High Street VMV shop on a regular price. Sayang.

Marge said...

awww the buy one get one is rare, last day was June 30. but they have a thanks giving sale that ends tomorrow (but started mid Nov). up to 70% ang off, nako daming catch. sorry for the late response, sis

Marge said...

Hi. When was the buy one take one promo? I got mine on Boni High Street VMV shop on a regular price. Sayang.

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