Sunday, January 17, 2010

REVIEW: The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash-- a so so facial wash

brings to you yet another of my year old reviews. yep, i was super in love with the body shop products last year, til wow, even my iron skin broke out. while other products not only cleared up my skin, i have not broken out since i've started using other products and let go of the body shop products in particular the seaweed line. but at the time my experience was:

The container is an up side down tube thing. It's 3.3 fl oz, and since the body shop usually rotates their sales of all of their products, I said why not. So I didn't have to get it at a usual TBS, slightly more expensive than drugstore facial washes, price. The liquid is a gelatenous a little opaque gel. It smells good, very mild and minty. If I'm wearing mineral makeup or a tough to remove makeup like revlon's color stay then it takes two bouts of washing when I use this facial wash.

It doesn't lather too much, which makes sense since they say it's not soap. I guess the moisture absorbent nature of mineral makeup (kaolin clay) makes washing with this facial wash slightly challenging. I just felt like I had to do it over. Whereas with liquid foundation like colorstay, I am better off using TBS' Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator since revlon's color stay, really stays. LOL! It doesn't feel all that minty, only around the eyes which scared me at first but was ok with it after awhile.

It feels refreshing, around the eyes, but just there. There is no tingling sensation on the rest of my face. It is very slick and smooth while rubbing it on my face. After my second bout with it, my face feels soft and smooth, but not scarily squeeky clean like it's so dry. Just right and dewy looking and feeling. By the way though, if I'm just at home and just need to wash to switch from day time moisturizer to a night time moiturizer or just feel the need to wash my face (since I accumulate oil right away), it only takes one washing and it feels just as fresh and minty around the eyes. I only feel the need to wash twice when I need to remove makeup. It certainly does the job of cleaning. No oily residue from my bobbi brown gel liner or TBS' (marula oil based) divide and multiply mascara, no oily residue from their woman under eye cream or my prestige undereye concealer. My face feels nice and supple after. Not too dry, and the excess oil is removed.

The only hassle is when I have to wash twice. To decribe the feeling of needing to do it again would be like this, you know when poured too little shampoo on your palm but have begun massaging your wet hair and it's hard to work your hair with that small amount of shampoo? That is the feeling I get when I use this facial wash to remove makeup. I'm not a fan of makeup remover, it just feels oily on my already oily skin and I feel like I have to wash my face over the sink anyway. So the only cons I can think of really is its price and my feeling to wash with it twice.

The pros are the smell, the minty feeling, standard up side down tube with snap lid, I probably won't buy this again though, I'll move on to the TBS' tea tree facial wash especially now that it's summer in the Philippines and I need all the oil control help that I can find.

now, with the many cosmetics and skin care company and how excited i am when the etude house opened (whose products are really inexpensive vs the body shop's) why stick to the body shop?


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