Monday, January 11, 2010

REVIEW: The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Perfector-- A WASTE OF ALMOST PhP1k

wow. it seems so long ago since i've last shelled out a review. been too preoccupied with Kpop and have been missing out on writing. i've been on youtube watching and watching hahaha, hopefully i can start up again.

this again is one of my older reviews. one of my conversations on plurk reminded me of how disappointed i am in the body shop products. if i remember i'll make this a series of reviews on the seaweed line from the body shop and how i had to give it up.

This little thing comes in a container with a pump on top. I love that because it squirts out just the right amount of product. But that's about all I love about it. For once I will give body shop a really bad review. I just need a pea size on my nose and the sides towards the apples of my cheeks where the pores are getting larger. The ingredients seem interesting and you would think are believable because old wives actually use ginger for lots of stuff here (in the Philippines). And seaweed? What's not to like? Right?

The instructions on the bottle and on the website says to apply this before your moisturizer. This pore perfector then is just not a primer for makeup if that's the case. As primers are applied AFTER one's moisturizer. This pore perfector also does not have the usual primer ingredients like those silicones that refract the light and fill in lines and pores. SO THIS SEAWEED PORE PERFECTOR IS NOT A PRIMER.

Ok, so it's a thing you put on to "perfect" the pores you have. So I examine the product. Takes a couple of pumps before it comes out since the liquid hasn't entered the hose and the pump. It's soft and slick, it's a little opaque but dries clear on the my skin. It smells nice, very mild and pleasant. It smells way better than the seaweed mattifying day cream. I bought the rest of the seaweed line around this pore perfector, how ironic that the main product I bought the rest of the line for is the one product that let me down. So apply the product, it had no tightening effect when it dried. It made that parts I applied the product on quite matte. But I put on the seaweed mattifying day cream (or night cream for that matter) as my moisturizer(s) so I can't say how long I would stay matte had I not put on the moisturizer(s).

I started the "treatment" last January 22, 2009 (I suggest you date stamp your products especially on the body shop products since they only have a picture/icon of an opened container/lid with a number and the letter M instead of putting on an expiry date-the rationale being that these products only begin to degrade upon exposure to air-so "they" say). As suggested I apply the product twice a day. So a week passes by, and then another, and lo and behold, February 22, 2009, came and went, AND MY PORES ARE THE SAME SIZE AND NUMBER as they were before I started using this pore "perfector".

I waited a full month before I decided to write a review on this thing, I even wrote a couple of reviews a couple of days ago just to give this product a few more days to try and work on my skin. I am very oily on my t-zone so my pores are wider than usual there. This is soooooo not the HG (holy grail) of pore minimizing products. And for the price!

I always always patronize the body shop products but this one is a complete let down, it didn't even give me a placebo effect of me thinking or seeing my pores shrinking! The good products that came out of this relatively new seaweed line for oily combination skin is their Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator, Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (review on that coming soon), Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, (review on that coming soon) Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream, Seaweed Clarifying Toner, and lastly Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash (review on that coming soon), in that order. I mean, the rest of the seaweed line are at least ok, BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR YOU TO SAVE YOUR MONEY AND NOT BUY THE SEAWEED PORE PERFECTOR.

Pros: good container
nice scent

Cons: expensive
does NOT work to perfect pores

The Bottom Line: It didn't do anything, it didn't even fill in my pores, it's a complete waste of almost PhP1k.

i wrote this review on epinions almost 2wks shy of being a year ago. it seemed only fitting somehow, at least in my head.


theDav300 said...

I think to see results with these stuff you've got to use the toner as well.

Marge said...

i did, oops, i'll post the review on the toner, in a short while.

Marge said...

I think to see results with these stuff you've got to use the toner as well.

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