Sunday, March 14, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Antique Bakery the Movie


Hello again, it seems like forever since my last review, let alone for a movie or tv series. but for a change, i'd just like to share with you a movie i discovered online and how much i enjoyed it.

Briefing: Antique Bakery is a manga from way back in 2002 that was turned to a live action tv drama in Japan. in 2008 it was adapted into a live action movie by the Koreans.

The story is about four males running a bakery. this is an old english style antique store type of decor. the central character (played by Joo Ji Hoon) is starting a business but is haunted by his past as he is a kidnap victim/survivor. As it turns out he hires one of his male schoolmates who had the misfortune of confessing his love to the main character and got a cake in face for his trouble.

The Actors: Kim Jae Wok from the Coffee Prince, Joo Ji Hoon from the Princess Hours.

My 2cents worth: if you aren't used to seeing men being close to one another as you see high school girls (and younger) being close together, then this movie may give you a shock. but as time goes on i am getting used to these pretty boys interact with each other like how our young girls interact with each other. it starts as gay as it can be (and the term 'gay demonic charm' still sends me laughing out loud!) but quickly develops into the main story of maintaining the bakery and resolving the past burden of the main character.

How the story unfolds or is presented to the audience~ it's your classic mix of korean drama/comedy but with the added bonus of a movie feature of fantastic post production, cg, fewer continuity errors (compared to a k tvdrama). the visuals are wonderful and added appropriately.

The first two characters, the owner and the master patissiere begin their work together and open the shop. they hire a very young former boxer as their garcon and apprentice to the master patissiere. added to the bunch is the main character's former house help's son as a body guard. the dreams continue and so do the reports of other male children being kidnapped only to be found dead.

the bakery becomes really popular in town and even the former investigator to the main character's kidnapping case frequents the place trying to keep an eye on the main character even after 20 years. a dilema presents itself to the master patissiere but in the end no white guy can take him away from his korean hawtie, (lmao). this resolution is immediately followed by group helping the police solve a current kidnapping case as the most recent victim's stomach content had the ingredients of a cake. ang simple di ba?

well sandali na's almost open and shut as a great deal of these stories apparently end. naturally the main character not only solves the case he also drives out the demons in his head making for a happy ending?? oh really? anniyo (meaning no). it wasn't his own kidnapper that he foils and bring to the police but as the flash backs reveal...hehehe i leave it there.

this is a very enjoyable, laugh out loud funny movie with its share of dark moments. i am not surprised why one million, yes 1,000,000, movie goers in korea saw this within two weeks.

it was a lazy saturday so i saw the movie online from HERE or copy this link directly on your address bar: hope you enjoy it as much as i did.


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