Sunday, April 18, 2010

REVIEW: DuRi Restaurant in Robinson's Galleria


Hello again, it seems like forever and a day since i last posted a review on a restaurant. but here i am, trying to make sure i can still speak and hopefully write in English, er, well.

Finally, a Korean restaurant review from a kpop and Korean cosmetics lover, i mean, it is inevitable, right? hopefully some of you will drop by this little hole in the wall. i can't tell you how my legs automatically walk me to this place nearly on a daily basis. hopefully this review gives you an idea.

The Food: It's Korean cuisine, with some familiar Chinese food. so not everything you order here is spicy. and wae? they serve chop suey! so kewl for the Pinoy that isn't too quick to experiment and get out of his comfort zone.

this place isn't at all like that other korean restaurant called Kaya, ick, i wouldn't waste brain cells coming up with a review on that restaurant. This place is DuRi, i'd eat here everyday if my budget permitted.

Back to the food. Their bulgogi is tender and semi sweet. they have group sets, tadaaaahh
they named their sets after korean dramas. uhmm just excuse the Boys over Flower set, no egg roll in this set? that's my boy's gu jun pyo's fave! (mental note: must confirm this)

i love the bibimbap. it's like rice toppings in a hot pot, so be careful not to burn your tongue. i also love their vermicelli noodles (like sotanghon only fatter). for the office employee on a budget, they have their combo/budget meals that is set at PhP125 each and is served with iced tea. each combo meal has an ample serving of two viands (2 ulam) and a cup of rice. mukha na yata akong combo meal, hahaha

the appetizer is a small saucer of kimchi, er, sana naman di ba?

The Service: well, i can't say now, since i'm there almost everyday so they smile extra and give me my food faster since they know me already (to be always hungry and always in a hurry). after about a dozen visits, hahaha exag, the owner finally bows upon seeing me. while the 'girlfriend' has yet to get used to me..but for day she'll see i only go there for the food and music. i'm sure she's a nice person, just not to me or while i'm there. the rest of the staff are really sweet, fast and courteous. But as far a i can recall, the service is quick even to non-regular-patrons. so your lunch hour won't be spent waiting for your food and bill.

My friends have tried it out, an office mate claims nabusog daw sya, sulit daw ang PhP125. The Benj liked his bento-box-like order and he claims nabusog daw sya. While the plurkista-kamatis-derailers and Myna, went there just for me, tried it out, and said they liked the Jewel in the Palace set. I can't stop raving about this place. this review is long over due, and for that i'm sorry, but there's no sense in just reading about it, drop by, it's at the ground floor of Robinson's Galeria's at it's restaurant row, next to Piadina and that not so great restaurant called Nasi Lemak (review on that place~to follow)

also, while the owner is there, it's kpop music that uhmmm i guess now you know what drew me there, it's a bonus that the food and service is great.


for any questions, just leave a comment below. have a great week ahead


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