Tuesday, May 11, 2010

REVIEW: GOODLES Restaurant at Robinson's Galleria

after trying out a couple of their dishes i think i'm ready to give my verdict on this specialty/novelty place.

THE IDEA: y'all either sit down at their area or have it to go. so if you're acrophobic, huwell, have it to go. if you have it to go your pasta will be served in a tumbler cup, similar in material as the tumblers used in 7/11's gulp and bk's drink tumblers. this way you can dig in to your pasta while watching a movie. clever? you decide.

AMBIANCE: nyeh, whatever, it's in a mall, open for all to see you splatter your pasta on your nice blouse or shirt with the clever print.

THE PRICE/THE FOOD/ THE VERDICT: the seven layer lasagna is decently priced at P140while the rest are, in my opinion are overly priced for the portions they served.
so the 7 layers are in there served with a slice of garlic bread. the TOP was hot, second layer was a little less so. til i got to the middle part where it was just straight up cold like from the refrigerator kind of cold. in short. palalim ng palalim palamig din ng palamig. so my office mate and i were just eating at the near by BK so i hauled my almost non-existent behind and had my food heated up again. so imagine if we follow their novelty approach and you ordered this and off you go to the theater and the movie starts you eat this and it's cold in the middle. let's see what will happen. sooooo mental note if y'all gonna order this don't have it to go as the tumbler might have kept the microwaves fr heating up the order.

so a few days later having thought of giving them one more chance i went back and ordered not something to go but something that will be served on a ceramic plate. for another p145, with no drink [lasagna order had no drink either price:140] there weren't even place mats. i had ordered the morrocan beef pasta:
looks good doesn't it? it actually is. it had the tangy gamy taste of whatever they think morrocan beef should taste like, so they were probably going for some mid eastern here, sorta. the portion is a tad too small so if i were a guy, i would not be gratified. but i'm not a guy, just a temperamental hungry woman who wasn't gratified either. off i went to coffee bean, for familiarity of service i love and for baristas who love and missed me, who i heart back =_=

Tor/VJ/Vic/IceSIWON aka my kpop buddy at work indulged me by going with me to this place. he ordered the goodles special and his topping was just mushrooms, the kind he didn't recognize so not the usual button mushoom or shitake mushroom. dude, i warned you that there would be no meat in your order! that topping was an extra p25. so his order was also p145 with no drink. he's a guy and he was not too gratified with this vegan 'delight'. he did say that he didn't mind the no meat part, he just found the mushrooms to be not the mushrooms he expected.

at around php150 you decide what that should come with, appropriately heated food, may be a drink, you decide. maybe their other pastas taste just as good as the morrocan beef, but damn this place is just too pricy, php170 for pasta with shrimp? yeah no drink with it. maybe i'd find it worth it had the portions been bigger, but they weren't. so the only item on the menu worth the money is the 7 layer pasta just make sure it's heated right thru.

sorry for the rant, but that's my 2cents worth. ciao for now


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