Sunday, September 26, 2010

BLOG: KOREAN FEVER~Etude House, Song Do, Happy Salon~Pic heavy

as some of my followers and readers have known, for a while now (that),
i have this disease, it's the korean wave (hallyu) disease. LMAO an expensive roller coaster fun of new friends, beauty, beautiful young boys, fantastic food, discovery, and wonder. i hope i never recover it's even making me learn their language and one day, hopefully soon, the benj and i will go to south korea.
i'm sick this weekend so i may as well blog and blog i will about my last sunday's korean tripping(s)
i first went had a trim at the corner beauty parlor. corner from where i work that is.
Photobucket i've been to this place twice already and finally on my third visit i decided to have one of my babies, my point and shoot lumix, handy with me and document my experience a bit. so that's the place, it's next to jacob's shawarma, on SAPPHIRE (on her flier it says garnet st but in reality it's on Sapphire rd) street, so coming fr emerald, turn right on the first corner where chef and brewer is and that's garnet street.Photobucketthe proprietor/owner Sunny has her assistant drying my hair, We-an also translates on occasion what Pinoy/chinoys like myself want done. and viola Photobucket i look decent and it doesn't look like an 80's mullet ala macgyver or john stamos. imma just gonna have to learn how to blow dry my hair to look like this again, good luck sa akin. that's the parlor behind me, it's er hmmm i don't know, HUGE. there's a waiting area with a couple of couches facing a huge ass tv, korean channels only. hahaha that's Sunny in the white blazer cover-all, she refuses to have her pic taken with anyone regardless of nationality/ethnicity. she has magic fingers this lady, she not only works fast, she's very gentle. yes, she speaks english by the way. Photobucket they serve kalamansi juice for free for those still waiting. the wait usually about less than 30 minutes depending. the clientèle here are usually duh, koreans and their families. so it's mother, father, sister, brother, (how do you brush your teeth?!). as you can see i finished it, as i was already feeling like i was coming down with something while i was here.

it was time for me to head out, and just come back for a hair treatment or hot oil next pay day. annyeong, Sunny.

my next trip was to mega mall while i waited for my man finish working out at slimmers. so i hung out at my favorite store since it opened, the Etude house Photobucketit's nice and pink here and they play kpop music. it's kinda funny though that the girls here know me for Vlogging about tony moly. (oh c'maaan girls, i mentioned etude house on that vid naman ah LOLz) so here i am, now blogging about them.

i love coming here, the products are way less expensive here than at skin food and the face shop. meaning it's way less expensive here than your usual, maybelline and naturally revlon, max factor, and especially l'oreal. the only western brand that can compete with the prices with etude house is elf (eyes lips face). mind you they priced their items cheaply but the quality is just as good as the face shop and the skin food and especially elf. today, the benj bought me the etude house top of the line age renewing bb cream. since it's colder i can just take bb creams on my face without having to apply foundation and it lasts me the whole day. i love coming here, it's cramped, it's pink, i feel pressured to buy something, i end up feeling happy when i come away from this place LOL.Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

i'll have a separate Vlog on my haul from the etude house, skin food, etc once i feel better.

and now for lunch...Photobucket Photobucket it looks posh doesn't it. Sunny of Happy Salon, did mention it can get expensive at Song Do. But it was a place the Benj hasn't tried so off we went. the prices mind you are quite similar to woo ri jib so it aint bad it just isn't for students.Photobucket the ever popular Samgyeopsal but this time it was not cooked in front of us (upon my request) and it was grilled in their kitchen instead of the 'traditional' grill at the table Photobucket and the bacon came with lettuce which naturally i was the one who ate Photobucketwe also ventured out and tried something new Photobucket the korean dumpling soup. wow, soup pa lang busog ka na. it had spicy grilled meat inside and it had korean flat, white noodles in the soup. so it was indeed heavy. we thought the soup and the bacon would not be enough since the benj had just come from a work out, so we had ordered bibimpap Photobucket. hehehe in retrospect, i think that was a mistake, because along with those three orders, we were given the appetizers korean restaurants give their customers, e.g. the fried tofu, the kimchi, mongo sprouts. sooooo really it's hard to eat at a korean restaurant if it'll just be the two of you. i often wonder where they put all that food, they're so tall and lanky!

well as i finish this entry it's almost lunch time, hopefully some of you enjoyed reading my entry, albeit cut in the middle and got published before i finished. all i can say about my korean fever is that i've learned so much, gained new wonderful friends, reconnected with one i thought i had lost, am learning a new language, and learning about a people that were just around the corner the whole time.

til the next time, annyeong!


Traveliztera said...

Total KOREAN galore! :D

I bought my mascara at the Etude House and I totally love it! :D I wanna try that Samgyeopsal !!! :D

Marge said...

@Traveliztera ~ hello and thanks for dropping by and for the comment.

yep, i really think that for quality and good packaging people don't have to pay too high a price.

^_^ Samgyeopsal rocks, the kalbichim is really good, too. the way the gods intended beef stew to be LOLz

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