Friday, September 10, 2010

BLOG: Recent Food Tripping(s)~where's the beef!? DAEYANG AND ALMON MARINA

Anneyong! It's been a while since my last post!? Yah! i promise to be more diligent in posting. and of course they would still be k related concentrating on k food and kpop music depending~on my mood, and of course k cosmetics all from a tipi-nay's point of view.

Last Sunday was beef heaven for me. I had gone to Daeyang restaurant, (located along Kalayaan Avenue~so like a trike away from me) to meet a few friends to celebrate a kpop guy's birthday along with the local fan club for said kpop idol.

And so what had been planned out to be an afternoon of spazzing turned out to be me reviewing and sampling another korean restaurant. this Daeyang is an establishment away from woo ri jib that i reviewed last month.

So the place. it's like half the size of woo ri jib and song do (located at el pueblo) it~Daeyang~ can seat only about 75? without heads coming out of the door which as you can see from the pic almost happened.
Oh those walls? those are greetings from visitors

since i was alone amongst the two local fan clubs of girls generation and cnblue i was able to observe more how each one is different from one another. an entirely different blog entry if i feel like it . so i got to observe rather than interact with the kids as i waited for my friends and the food to arrive.

the place that day was set up in a way to accomodate the two fan clubs that visited that day and thus they came up with just connecting the tables in to three long ones.

the tables had pits where charcoal is placed to cook food, which is usually the Samgyeopsal (aka Korean bacon). but they also had the ideal way of cooking said bacon ~being in an enclosed area~ which is a single gas burner and a small grill.
i don't think they had too many of those around as the korean owner was still insisting on using charcoal to prepare said bacon old school style.
and there you can see the bacon being prepared as well as the free appetizers that korean restos usually provide.

i had a set or combo meal which is about PhP330 which includes a glass of iced tea. omo! pricey? well underneath the potato looking mojo's are about 4 or 5 really thick chops of beef.
Photobucket four slices of egg roll, the really good rice i noted in my previous entry about woo ri jib and kimchee to offset the slightly sweet/salty beef stew. oh this slightly sticky rice that has a semi long grain is really something. this meal is called the kalbi chim combo. i think i gobbled this meal down in less than 5mins as it was really good, the beef was really really tender, soft and juicy, albeit really thick? it manages to melt in my mouth the few moments it actually landed in there. the egg roll was hmmm an omelet rolled up, hehehe i must've been dreaming i was gonna get the ones Jandi made for Junpyo LOL in boys over flowers.
there was also a reason for me to pali-pali/hurry hurry in eating my order. i was beginning to smell like cooked bacon and charcoal. ventilation you say? yep there were about half a dozen vent fans around the table i was at, still it was smoky and my hair and shirt was beginning to stink.
now, minus the spazzing and the feel of a fifa world cup inspired cheering of the boys from the girls gen group, this restaurant surely deserves a second visit. the owners were lovely. it had a mom and pop feel to the place. the dad was taking pictures of his guest for this scrapbook they were making for the resto, the mom was worryingly cooking the bacon and accommodating all of us. ah these people they can be so quaint. maybe if there were less people the ventilation would be better? LOL
(photocred to karl, don't know him but i like his pic of the table napkin and the silver, so thanks po)
and for dinner as if it wasn't enough i had those thick slices of beef for 'lunch' i go off and get the almost cheapest meal almon marina has, their lasagna.
Photobucket this is PhP140 of 5 layers of boiling sauce fresh out the oven, beefy-cheesy delight. this is lasagna the way the gods intended! mind you i was still so full and gratified from my previous k meal yet i wasn't able to stop myself from delightfully experiencing each cheesy-beefy bite out of this meal. the bread on the side is really good, too. this thing isn't too salty, not bland, not to sour ~with the tomato sauce and all~ not too creamy just the right consistency. and the lasagna was al dente. wth do you got to say about that, goodles??? for the same price [at almon marina for this wonderful lasagna] i get decent bread not sogged up by the sauce, i get all the layers of my lasagna nearly boiling hot and oh for that same PhP140 i get an ambiance.
the Benj had his usual pork rib (about PhP280) couldn't take a pic of it as he dug into it like nobody's business. LMAO. i actually like the barbecue sauce they use to marinate and cook their grilled stuff. i do believe almon marina sells the sauce (as it is also a deli).
well that's all for now. early day for me tomorrow. RAIN/UKISS performance at that place they call moa concert grounds.


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