Sunday, October 31, 2010

BLOG: Recent Food Tripping: BukYeong Korean Restaurant

Some of the Triple S Philippines had an overnight at Astoria Plaza and with their usual kind hearts, invited me.  I couldn't stay long but did enjoy having dinner with them at Buk Yeong Korean resto about 4 doors down from the Astoria Plaza. both are on Escriva street in Ortigas.


the side dishes, the usual kimchi sampler, a really spicy swamp cabbage (kang kong) with ginger.  and samkinda raddish.


ang order ni Zhaye, it's sea food that's sweet and spicy.  it's squid and vegetables.  i loved how the sweetness balanced the spice out.  price: 220 without rice.


ang order ni Ms Ems.  ahm nagulat na lang sya sa laki, wow,  it's spicy soup with vermicelli noodles, octopus,  and two types of mussels, tahong and halaan.  i believe this was also PhP220 with rice.
it took 4 girls to finish this really spicy, sea food and noodle filled all in one meal.


and my order is ramyun in spicy broth mixed with vegetables, ham and hotdogs.  LOL, pang student.  this comes with rice and is priced at PhP200.  i gobbled this up in no time.  the spice isn't overwhelming and sets in quite slowly.  the hot dogs isn't purefoods (that i'm used to and love, only) but it was really good on the spicy broth and so was the ham bits.


ang order ni Mirza and Weng.  This is their version bulgogi, so it isn't barbeque.  Dito ako medyo na disappoint.  though the sauce, the veges, the tenderness of the beef is way fantastic, i feel as though that it's bulgogi that has loads of meat extenders.  bulgogi is barbecued beef.  while kalbichim is beef stew, so i feel this is like a haphazard combination of the two.  fine, i'll be blunt, tinipid na bulgogi at kalbichim.  this viand was around PhP300. this one does not come with rice.

Rice = PhP50
Soft drinks in can = PhP50

This restaurant is a mom and pop place and the meals are pretty authentic.  the prices are fair and a little less expensive compared to song do and yedang.  i'd still rather eat here as it has such a home-y cozy feel to it. while we left, we said kamsahamnnida to the lady owner and she replied back in a rather quaint thick korean accent, salamat po.  LOL and off we went off back to the room in astoria to pull up UKISS's kevin speaking in tagalog on pops n seoul (arirang) and missing the Philippines. 


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