Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where I get my Korean cosmetics - reupload and edited

Recently, i've been getting questions on where i buy my korean cosmetics and skin care, especially the brands that are not available in the west and more to the point, the Philippines.

i've edited and re-uploaded one of my recent videos to contain only stuff i've gotten from my suki
kkchopida~Charmaine, one of my trusted and reliable sellers from multiply.

as you know, nothing in this world perfect, that includes even my friendliest suki, Charmaine. but guess what, she makes up for it and she takes care of her long time buyers.

i'd would just like to add that she didn't ask me to make this entry, she didn't ask me to endorse or advertise her site. this is simply my way of saying thank you and for making me feel special. that's how Charmaine takes care of her customers, just check out her
feedback page and you'll see


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