Sunday, November 21, 2010

Announcement: The Face Shop Promo - Kim Hyun Joong Face Shop Posters at the KPOPCON this December 11, 2010


just spoke to Ms Maureen of the marketing dept of the face shop. they WILL get the posters this week in time for the KPOP Con. the poster promo begins tomorrow. for every PhP800 worth of purchase you get a free KHJ-L poster to be redeemed at the KPOPCon
Pls add Love Tfsphil on your FB for further promos, tumblers and makeup ♥ 

Breathing in some positivity after having had 2 [i find to be] odd online conversations on facebook, this 3rd repartee is what many of us have been waiting for since HyunJoong became The Face Shop's new endorser.  and they do say the third time is the charm, woohoo.

ok my previous entry says that i was told by one of one of our tsph admins that she was told that the items such as posters and folders will not make it in time for this year's kpop con on December 20, 2010 at the PICC.  but that was a week ago and there could have been changes and by some miracle the face shop philippines does bring the items in time and have ironed out their dealings with the organizers of the kpop con. and today i was answered a question as to when kim hyun joong's posters will be given out for their promo.


as per the conversation above it shows that this facebook account claims that the promo for the free kim hyun joong poster will begin this week on november 24 after their current promo, here is done:


well the pictures below are just the Christmas promo pix from the face shop korea.




it's a wish


that these


would be given out instead


but most likely it will be this kind of poster held by HyunJoong that will be given out.


as per the same conversation with the LoveTFSPhil facebook account there will also be tumblers given away as a promo from Dec1 til the end of the month(year).  grabe, tapos na ang 2010, just like that! la lang random comment.

MY INFORMATION IS ONLY ABOUT A WEEK APART.  so before you start buying anything starting on the 24th of November, i suggest you make it clear with the face shop store managers of the face shop branches you go to that there will be posters at the kpop con.  and save you a trip and timing.
ALSO DON'T LOOSE your receipts as they will be used to redeem the poster(s) at the  KPOP Con at the PICC on December 11, 2010.


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