Thursday, November 11, 2010

BLOG REVIEW: The Etude House ~ Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream

Here's an overlooked item of any cosmetics company.  most of us usually rave about the make up we buy but  hardly remember the thing we take off said makeup.  While some rave about cleansing oils i can't bring myself to do that when there's johnson's baby oil anyway?

so i go ahead try out tada...

The Etude House Happy Time is a cold cream.  Plain and simple, cold cream.  It's purpose is to remove dirt and grime, and of course all the makeup we put on in the morning.


I was planning to show a before and after pic showcase of myself, i promise i was, LOL.  but my cam effed up and deleted all my pix from several blog entries ago.

Here's what it looks like. It's white, soft, kinda fluffy, really creamy, and smells oooohhhh sssssoooo gooood!


and below is the aftermath of a facial tissue taking off the cleansing cream and along with it is the make up i had on for the day.  the bb cream, the foundation, some skin that naturally sheds off, balahibo, and cat hair.  yep cat hair, i have 3 in our room LOL.

I first remove my eye make up and lipstick with their lip and eye [makeup] remover then follow up my cleansing regimen with this cold cream. LOL yeh i'm old school i still call it cold cream.


  • the scent, this is my second tub, i first used up the aloe variety, i loved the clean scent of that one as well.
  • the packaging.  when i threw out the aloe variety of their happy teatime my hubby thought i was throwing away a precious ceramic cup (fr a distance in the trash bin it kinda looks like it's ceramic)  so this tub is really thick plastic and all it needs is a handle and a spout and it would look like a tea pot ^_^
  • it's not too thick to smear on your face.  
  • it works really well.
  • not sticky after being removed with facial tissue
  • softens my skin
  • no break outs, no millia, no black or white heads, no zits ^_^
  • it's cheaper than the same stuff sold in other Korean cosmetic/skin care stores in MegaMall.
not much, probably the packaging (hehehe) when the product is about to run out and it's already at the bottom, it's kinda hard to pick up product without it going in your nails.  eh well, problema ko na yun, there are plastic spatulas any how ^_^

I kinda liked having a time frame to do these reviews, it really made me think why i kept going back to the Etude house, at first it was for the free lee min ho clear files, then it was the inexpensive eye makeup remover, then it was my rapport with the girls at the megamall branch.  then it was their grand launch.  LOL, i'm hooked.  

Now i've got loads of Etude house products to review, but until then, for now, anneyeong ^_^


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