Monday, November 22, 2010

Food Tripping: Korean Village - you get what you pay for but it's way better than Kaya

Naturally, aissh, i don't have my good cam when i happen to be at a restaurant that i end up reviewing.  but photobucket is kewl with it's editing enough to rival my old photoshop LOL.
but here goes, the korean village has been around since the 90's or late 80's way before this whole hallyu, korean wave started.  it was on remedios circle but is now on nakpil street.  according to my sister in law she's been coming to this resto since the 90's and have gone thru several milestones together.  buti pa sya may ganong factor LOL.


here's their assorted barbecue, it has chicken liver, beef strips, chicken, and one shrimp.  i really like the barbecue sauce used on here.  it's sweet and a little salty.  the serving is good for 2, but it shrinks so it would be ok to order another.  if you keep it on the burner for too long the stuff will get rubbery tough so soon as you don't see the blood, it's time to eat it.

Price: PhP200


the galbichim: korean beef stew.  the Benj liked it.  the beef didn't melt off the bone the way the beef does in the galbichim served in DuRi[Robinson's Galeria] but was tender enough for the price, about PhP220.  the serving in korean village is slightly bigger than in other korean restaurants like WooRiJib and DaeYang.  the sauce is similar to the rest of them, only a tad sweeter than most.


the spicy ramen: around PhP200.  sorry for the awful pic with the serving spoon.  but dude, this is what i loved of the three that we ordered.  the thick noodles, the spicy sauce was great.  not too overwhelming but warms you up.  the bowl had a great helpings of squid.  it wasn't fishy or malansa at all.  the spicy sauce covers that up really well. my only complaint was it had loads of red and green pepper which i don't eat even on pizza's.  alam nyo yun, halatang pamparami, grrr.
rice: PhP40 per.  so ten bucks cheaper than most korean restaurants.
now for the title.  so as per each description of the dishes, the prices here are cheaper than WooRiJib and DaeYang and especially SongDo [el pueblo, ortigas]. the food here in korean village is sorta authentic but it could be better.  the chop sticks here are not the metal kind we're used to at other korean restaurants.  so the metal spoon that goes with the metal chop sticks weren't there either.  the only two things that reminded me of  other korean restaurants were the plastic pitcher that we always see in korean restaurants and the barbecue in the middle of the table.  so it's less expensive here, but only if i'm around the area or if it's for a free dinner will i go back here.  there are other korean restaurants, like about a dozen around this k-town to try out, anyhow. 
this restaurant is way better than Kaya though, thank gawd.


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