Sunday, November 7, 2010

naturally i didn't bring my good cam but...FOOD TRIPPING: THE NEW BOMBAY RESTAURANT


it was a long weekend we enjoyed the quiet and the non-traffic of both cars on the road and people at the mall, and this review is kinda over due.  

at the podium where the hubby and i found ourselves, we decided, for a change to have lunch at the new bombay at the top floor of the podium next to the cinemas.


LOL enough bad one liners.  it was just the two of us and we wanted to try out their specials and the girl recommended their biriani's.

i had the mutton while the hubby had the chicken biriani.
you are given a choice of mild, medium, and spicy.  so he had the spicy chicken biriani while i only had the medium strength mutton biriani.  the waitress looked at us and said, uh sir, ma'am, sigurado kayo? kasi isang order pwede 2-3 persons.  (are you sure? each order is enough to feed around 2-3 people).  as we've been told this many times before and were disappointed we went ahead with our orders.


above is my order of mutton or sheep meat biriani.  it's within that really lovely long grain rice.  the rice is cooked just right, not soggy, hindi malabsa, not too dry either.  there was a substantial amount of mutton and they were big enough to be really noticed so they are not just ground mutton fried into the rice.  it was, as i requested medium spicy.  i liked the spice, it made feel warm all over and since it was just medium strength, i wasn't overwhelmed and it wasn't startling either.

price is around PhP220.


the chicken biriani, as the hubby ordered it.  same wonderfully cooked rice, REALLY SPICY since he did order the super strength LOL.  BUT only 2 pieces of chicken.  LMAO so someone was digging in to my muttons.  there was a tangy quality to the seasonings used in this chicken variant.  almost lemony.  i'd order this again but either on the mild or medium strength spice.

price is around PhP200


what's a meal like this without Lassi.  our sweetened yogurt drinks.  you can have this sweetened or not, we just preferred our sweetened.  hmmmm i suggest not drinking this right away as this alone can satiate a even a big guy like my hubby.  it was really yogurty LOL as if there exists an adjective like that.  LOL fine, it's kinda tart, kinda tangy and since ours was sweetened it was on the sweet side but who ever made our drinks didn't over do the sugar.

i forget how much each lassi was, but it was less than a hundred bucks.

so er, sa susunod makinig kay at-e, yep, we couldn't finish our orders and had to doggy bag 'em.  it was viand/dinner for my hubby the next day.  yep, i asked and made sure that each order lasts (or have a long shelf life).

we only had 2 orders but the hubby deemed it to be authentic as his place of work serves authentic Indian food and he says the two orders that we had is very very similar to what he has where he works.  ON TOP OF WHICH the chef's behind window number one are of this cuisine's ethnic origin.  so that adds to the authenticity if not makes it authentic, imho.

til next time ^_^


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