Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Update(s) a tiring weekend - Doctor Jart, The Face Shop, posters, tumbler, calendar, makeup

This weekend i had a very very very long saturday, that i nearly slept through the whole sunday, yesterday.  Last saturday started out normal, i went to class, but then i received a call requesting i go down to paranaque after class.  i wanted to go there with my husband so i waited in makati and walked around.

my normal stops at malls are the record bars and the makeup stores.  how glad i was to see that the astro at sm makati had almost all the albums of my one of my two most favorite korean male groups, SS501. the only thing missing since they started to bring these albums here is ST 01, their very first album.  so as of yet, ss501's latest and last album (for now), Destination, is still not distributed in Manila.

Though i have both normal and special edition versions of Destination, i make it a point to purchase the TW version either from odyssey, astro or fully booked to drive home the point that the demand for kpop is here and is likely to stay for a long time.  yeah, i mean you, warner phils.

And while walking around the SM's dept store, i saw a little kiosk for Doctor Jart, LOL, i keep meaning to do a review on the silver label bb cream i have since i really like that.


the sales lady was hesitant to let me take a pic of her little kiosk at san ka pa baliktad ang letter T. LOL, i said ok na yan, there are people like me that know the brand anyway, and there are people like me that know about bb creams already.  there are at least 3 variants of the doctor jart bb cream out now.  the rest of their stuff is still being passed thru our BFAD.  the SA said that their bb cream for men is already on the way and being passed thru BFAD already along with their other cosmetics.

I must warn though, that the 50ml bb cream is tagged at PhP1900++ while the 30ml is about PhP800++ so er, ang mahal compared to buying the stuff from your suki multiply seller.  but like i keep saying, if you're not willing to wait for a pre-order, and if you're willing to fork out that much for something worth between US$17 to US$25 (around PhP750-1000) then pay the extra for the cost of tax and shipping of buying this at the mall.

All the same, i'm pretty pleased that this brand made its way to manila.  now that we have the face shop, laneige, skin food, missha, etude house, vov, and now doctor jart.  let's keep the competition coming.


and finally, what's a trip to the mall without checking out the face shop.  i had seen one of my facebook friends have their photo taken at this very branch at the glorieta (next to mcdonald's ground floor) and said to myself, woah, this pic is different from all the other branches.

i got to speak to the store manager of the glorieta branch and she said that they're expecting items to come in from Korea.  items like calendars, posters, and tumblers with the picture of kim hyun joong like these:


she mentioned tumblers and possibly calendars and most of all paper bags with leader's face on them.  so very similar to what tony moly had done while leader was with tony moly. and yes, for now, the price range of worth items purchased from the face shop is around PhP800 to get a poster.  for now don't quote me on this.  this can still change.


some of the items that i mention while leader was with tony moly are shown here on my vid:


i spoke to one of the head admins of TSPH, the fan club of kim hyun joong's male singing group, ss501.  i met up with the senior members of tsph as one of my last stops last saturday.  (so yeah from UPDiliman to Paranaque, to megamall, back to QC musta naman samin ng mister ko) LOL.  i'm afraid that the posters and other items from the face shop with leader's face on it will not make it in time for this year's KPOP convention at the picc.

so it is likely that the items mentioned will be ready by the turn of the year.  unfortunately, as well, the possibility of kim hyun joong coming back to the philippines before the year ends has become less and less.  the signing events will be at Singapore, Malaysia, and to one other country before the year ends. but the Philippines is most likely not that last stop.


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