Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food Tripping: aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante


at dahil nacurious at naingit kay Nikki and her blog kwento on this resto i decided to drag the Benj in trying out this place.
It's next to Savory near where the ice skating rink used to be.
it's not a big place, it isn't too small either.
it's a cross between fast food and a restaurant. so it's a little like shakeys.
what we ordered:
the all meat pizza
siguro, i was hungry or craving, but i like this as in really. the crust was thin but not too thin like flimsy thin. it was just right. the sauce didn't drown the stuff on top of the pizza but it was moist enough to make it not too squishy.
the toppings were really awesome. they were cooked just right, not overly done at all like it is in magoo's pizza. not cold like it is sometimes in pizza hut or too tough either like it is in shakey's, sometimes.
the only thing that could be improved, possibly is the cheese. i like my pastas and pizza's overflowing with cheese, but that's me. if you're not much into mozzarella then the cheese will prolly be ok by you.

Price: P260 for the smallest size about 4 big slizes around 7 or 8inches in diameter.
ang italian sausage pasta.
ok, first thing i saw was that bread on the side. and yep, the underside of the bread was soaked already with the tomato sauce. yep that uber red tomato sauce drowning the pasta underneath. already by my tone, you can tell i'm not a great big fan of this pasta dish.
first of all the sauce was a little too sour for my taste, secondly, it was drowning the pasta. it had very little dimension except for the fact that it was a little too sour. the pasta was almost not al dente [al dente ~which i much prefer]. so it wasn't soggy but it wasn't al dente either. a little more time soaked in the sauce and the pasta would absorb too much of it. then there's the bread, well, i ended up not eating it since the part that sat on the sauce was soaked, so the bread was squishy on that part. BUT there's the italian sausage. weow, they were thick. they were medium well done. i liked how not too salty they were, but eventually nakakaumay. i'm sure the other pasta dishes could be really good, the baked ziti seemed ok.

Price of the italian sausage pasta dish: PhP275, serves 2 to 3. very good price for the portions/servings in that deep bowl.
overall, the Benj says it's a better shakey's and a better pizza hut. esp for the price and portions they serve. they will truly leave you gratified. we couldn't even finish the pizza. so i had one slice of that pizza the next day and it was still so good even when microwave reheated.


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