Thursday, November 25, 2010

REVIEW: Body Shop Nature's Mineral Foundation Brush

oh this is one of my really old reviews from when i used to review on epinions. 
LOL i guess i didn't get to import

After I received my catalogue from Ellana it kinda made me look back.  yes, i still use this brush to set my bb creams with either mineral foundation or a setting powder.  the review below is still how i deem and feel about this brush almost 2yrs down the line.

Pros: very soft bristles
compact bristles stiff enough to hold the minerals

Cons: the price
flimsy case

The Bottom Line: Soft and compact, great for mineral foundation of any brand, no smell either.

Price: US$26

My experience:
I got this baby at a 71% off, bwahahaha last year around Feb. [and STILL THIS THING HAS NOT SHED]!  So how happy am I that I got this for about the price elf is selling their kabuki brushes?  Extremely!  Around the same time though, I got me a bare escentuals full coverage kabuki brush.  So I got to compare the two kabuki brushes.

The base of the body shop mineral foundation brush is slightly wider or larger than the bare escentuals one.  The base or handle of the body shop mineral foundation brush is taller as well.  So I can grip the base of the brush better without touching the bristles.  The bristles are taller on the body shop kabuki brush compared to the bare escentuals kabuki, too.

This body shop mineral foundation brush is synthetic.  True to their campaigns to use and reuse earth friendly ingredients and items, this brush is no exception.  The bristles are dark on top but the length of each bristle is brown.  I love this brush.  The bristles so very soft.  The  bristles are soft enough not to scratch my face yet stiff enough to pick up the minerals foundation from under the lid or cap of the body shop foundation tub.  The bristles are very compact and dense that it can hold alot of the powder, perfect for the mineral foundation.  It is stiff and dense enough that the bristles do not easily splay outwards when pressing your palm down on it from the top.  Meaning to say it's tough to press down on it, that's how dense and compact the bristles are.  Because of that density, it delivers just the right amount of the mineral foundation on my face, if i want extra coverage I would just have to layer on more foundation.

This particular brush I bought doesn't shed, I haven't seen it or felt it shed a single bristle on my face or get left behind in it's leatherette or faux leather case.  This thing does NOT smell.  I have to share an anecdote to emphasize how this brush compares to bare escentuals full coverage kabuki brush.  The body shop mineral foundation brush doesn't smell like anything, why?  My cat completely ignored it.  But when i left my bare escentuals kabuki on my bed in a plastic bag, I turn my back and I see my cat trying to kidnap my bare escentuals brush while i was looking at the mirror!  I did smell the bare escentuals brush and it did smell like rubber or something rubber like, even after I shampooed and conditioned it, it still smelled rubbery.

But I have to be fair, the bare escentuals brush i got doesn't shed either.  So quality wise, synthetic or not, neither the body shop nor bare escentuals brush shed.

The body shop mineral foundation brush comes with a case the has a fold-able cover, albeit very flimsy, the brush can be tucked away in its case without fear of having other stuff getting in to the brush or having its bristles get frayed.  This case can fit right in without getting crushed in my bag organizer/makeup bag.

Comparing the two brushes, I would have to say that I am using the body shop mineral foundation brush alot more than I would use the bare escentuals kabuki because the bristles on the body shop kabuki are more compact or more dense and feel softer on my skin and the body shop kabuki doesn't smell.




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